Other Brands : Filter – Cyst and Bacterial Reduction

Filter – Cyst and Bacterial Reduction

The Filterpure CERAC-10 is an all carbon cartridge for the removal of cysts and coliform bacteria from drinking water.  These cartridges are constructed totally of FDA grade materials. They are an effective combination cartridge capable of fulfilling the dual roles of filtration and purification, reducing bacteria and cysts as well as “Tastes and Odours,” chlorine, pesticides, chemicals and sediment.
The CERAC-10 cartridges are made from high capacity extruded carbon block with an absolute filter rating of 0.5 micron. This achieves the micro-organism reduction performance of traditional cleanable ceramic cartridges with the benefits of high quality carbon purification. For high sediment loadings a prefilter is recommended as a low cost precaution.
The CERAC-10 cartridge fits conventional 10” housings and the CERAC-10D is a slimmer version with a threaded screw in endcap to fit Doulton housings. Both versions wipe clean with a sponge.
The CERAC-10 has an E.Coli removal rating of better than 99.999% and complies with NSF Standard 53 for cyst removal.
These cartridges are suitable for use in cold water service only.


Remove or reduce
• Cysts
• Coliform bacteria
• Bad taste & odour
• Chlorine – chemicals
• Dirt – sediment


Sizes: CERAC-10 – 9.75” – fits all standard 10”
CERAC-10D – 9.2” – threaded for
DoultonR housings.
Filter media: Extruded Activated Carbon
(endcaps polypropylene).
Micron rating: 0.5 micron absolute
(removes most bacteria/cysts).
Flow rate: CERAC-10 – 3 L/min
CERAC-10D – 2 L/min
(min. operating pressure 30psi/200kPa).
Capacity: CERAC-10 – 7,500 Litres
CERAC-10D – 3750 Litres
(Based on >95% Chlorine reduction).
Hygienic life: 1 year
Maximum temperature: 50°C.