Bore Pumps


Groundwater – Starting with a drip of rain hitting the surface of the Earth, water is transported through the ground forming the aquifers that we then access for our purposes.
As water travels through the different layers in the subsurface it is cleaned in a natural way, and the cleaning effect of the layers in the subsurface depends on the geological conditions – such as the minerals in the ground that can dissolve into the water.
Accessing the water is commonly via a bore being drilled into the ground – and either a pump is lowered into the hole, or if the bore is shallow then a surface mounted pump can be used. For a surface mounted pump to draw water from a deep bore, the diameter of the bore needs to be over 100mm internally.
Key to taking water from a bore is knowing how much can be taken without effecting the bore – this information is found on a Welldrillers bore report. If you take too much water too quickly then it can effect the bore. For advise regarding this we recommend you contact your local Welldriller.
If there is no power available to run the bore pump, we do have solar solutions available.

Submersible Pumps

Grundfos offer a range of submersible pumps, from 3inch diameter domestic pumps that can have variable speed controllers to 10inch diameter Commercial pumps.