UV Servicing

UV And Filtration Servicing

We can come and service your UV & Filtration system if you are in the Whangarei region or neighbouring regions. UV lamps typically require annual replacement. Refer your product manual. We are able to service a range of different models and brands of UV Systems. Below are some examples of some of the systems we can service, however we can service other brands too. Contact us for an estimate. 


We can service a range of Puretec UV & Filtration systems, such as (but not limited to): 

Puretec Hybrid G7
Puretec Hybrid G8
Puretec Hybrid G9
Puretec Hybrid G11
Puretec Hybrid G12
Puretec Hybrid R3
Puretec Hybrid R4
Puretec Hybrid R10
Puretec Hybrid R11
Puretec Hybrid H8
Puretec Hybrid H9
Puretec R2700
Puretec Radfire
Puretec WU-UV100
Puretec WU-UV200


We can service a range of Davey UV & Filtration Systems, such as (but not limited to):

Davey Steriflo
Davey Steriflo XL60
Davey Steriflo SF800
Davey Steriflo UV50
Davey Steriflo UV70
Davey Steriflo Viqua Pro 10
Davey Steriflo Viqua Pro 20
Davey Centurion
Microlene UV24
Microlene UV80
Microlene UV151
Microlene UV250


We can service a range of Filtec UV & Filtration Systems, such as (but not limited to):

Filtec VH410F202AF (Filtecs Medium-Large Home UV system)
Filtec VH200F102AF (Filtecs Small-Medium Home UV System) 
Filtec Viqua
Filtec Viqua Pro 10
Filtec Viqua Pro 20
Filtec Viqua VH410


We can service a range of Greenway UV & Filtration Systems, such as (but not limited to):

Greenway 15S UV System
Greenway GAUV-5S UV System
Greenway GAUV10S UV System
Greenway GW_GAUV-2S/2A UV System
Greenway GW_GAUV32H-HW UV System

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