Waterco Gravity Ceramic Cartridge

Waterco Gravity Ceramic Cartridge


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Waterco Gravity Ceramic Cartridge

replacement ceramic cartridge for the Waterco 8L Stoneware Gravity Purifiers  

Ceramic Cartridge: The ceramic cartridges are engineered with a micro-porous ceramic material, intricately coated with an antibacterial layer of Silver Nitrate. This design helps significantly filter out suspended solids, micro-organisms, and pathogens such as E.Coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.

Activated Carbon Core: Within the ceramic cartridge lies the core of activated carbon, a powerhouse for absorbing organic chemicals that affect taste, odor, and safety. It helps significantly reduce chlorine, which can cause taste and odor problems, hydrogen sulfide responsible for odors, organic pesticides like Lindane, and dissolved metals including lead and iron.

Replacement Periods: Ensure your Waterco Gravity Purifier continues to deliver exceptional water purification by adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule. The ceramic cartridges, pivotal for filtering suspended solids, micro-organisms, and more, should be replaced every 4 months to maintain peak performance. However, when used alongside the CZR canister, the lifespan of the ceramic cartridges extends to 12 months, offering you convenience and continuous high-quality water filtration. Similarly, for consistent and optimal results, the CZR canister itself should be replaced annually.

Please note: It is crucial to use this purification system only with water that is known to be microbiologically safe. If the quality of the water is uncertain or known to be unsafe, this system should not be used.