Grundfos SBA Submersible Pump

Grundfos SBA Submersible Pump


Pressure Small House
2-3 taps
Medium House
3-4 taps
Large House
4-5 taps
Higher pressure for double-storey dwellings

and long runs of pipe

SBA 3-45 SBA 3-45
Adequate pressure for most single

storey dwellings

SBA 3-35 SBA 3-35 SBA 3-45
Taps are 15 l/min at 22.5 m head


Grundfos SBA Spec Sheet


  • Mains Boosting
  • Water Pressure boosting from inside your water tank

Price includes GST and is freight free within North Island and South Island of New Zealand

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Grundfos SBA Submersible

Submersible Booster Water Pump with Integrated Pressure Switch

The Grundfos SBA delivers a compact solution in the form of a submersible booster pump. Specifically engineered for transferring clean rainwater into your household, this pump eliminates the wait and delivers water when you need it.

No complicated set-ups here – all you need to do is connect the pump’s outlet to your pipework, plug it into your power outlet, and you’re all set for pumping. This easy-to-install water pump is ideal for homeowners seeking convenience and efficiency. Also, due to it being submersed, it is out of sight which can be good for its security.

Smart technology is at the heart of the Grundfos SBA. With an integrated pressure switch and float switch, the pump has automated control features and offers consistent protection against typical pump issues. As a home water pump with a built-in pressure switch, it offers hassle-free operation while ensuring the longevity of your pump. The pump will automatically turn on when you open a tap and will shut it off when you’re done.

The Grundfos SBA has got you covered with its nearly silent operation when submerged, resulting in no disruptions to your peaceful home environment.

Whether your water source is an above-ground or a below-ground tank, this versatile water pump is a great option to consider, as it is inside its water source.

The SBA pump is built from composite and stainless steel materials which are resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, the pump has a stainless steel strainer which prevents large particles from entering the pump housing.

Other Features:

  • Simplicity – all-in-one unit
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Easy installation – no external control unit
  • Integrated dry-running protection
  • Automatic restart after dry-running
  • Lifting eye

So, when you’re on the hunt for a house pump or a quiet submersible pump, remember the Grundfos SBA. It’s your answer to efficient, silent, and straightforward water pumping solutions.

We have two models in this range of water pumps, the SBA 3-35 and the SBA 3-45, the main difference between the models being a difference in operating pressure.

Grundfos SBA Submersible Pump Performance Curve Showing the Different Models:

How does a pump performance curve help me? Here is a simplified explanation:

A pump curve shows you what a pump is capable of – how much water it can move (flow) and how high it can lift it (pressure). The horizontal line on the chart is for the water flow, and the vertical line is for how high the pump can push the water. But remember, the pump’s job gets tougher if it needs to push water up high or through filters, fittings and pipework that create friction or drag. This ‘eats up’ some of the capacity, meaning the actual outcome at your tap could be different. The pump curve can be your initial starting guide to finding a pump that’s strong enough to give you the right water pressure and flow, after all these factors come into play.

Physical Attributes & Dimensions:

Operating Conditions & Technical Data:

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