Grundfos CME Booster (CMBE)

Grundfos CME Booster (CMBE)


Pressure Small House
2-3 taps
Medium House
3-4 taps
Large House
4-5 taps
Large House
5-7 taps
Higher pressure for multi-level dwellings and long runs of pipe CMBE 1-44 CMBE 1-44 CMBE 3-62 CMBE 5-62
High pressure for double storey dwellings and long runs of pipe CMBE 1-44 CMBE 1-44 CMBE 3-62 CMBE 5-62
Adequate pressure for most single storey dwellings CMBE 1-44 CMBE 1-44 CMBE 3-62 CMBE 5-62
Taps are 15 l/min at 22.5 m head


Grundfos CME Booster Spec Sheet


  • Mains Boosting
  • Water Pressure boosting from above or below ground tanks

Price includes GST and is freight free within North Island and South Island of New Zealand

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Grundfos CME Booster

Industrial Quality Pressure Booster Pump With Inverter Technology

The Grundfos CME Booster is an industrial quality pump with an intelligent inverter that’s designed to always give you the right amount of water pressure. It adjusts itself all the time based on how much water your house needs. This makes sure you don’t get any sudden changes in water pressure and also helps to keep your energy bills down.

  • You’ll always have the right water pressure. Thanks to smart technology that changes the speed of the motor depending on how much water you need, you’ll always have the perfect pressure in all your taps, whilst saving money on operating costs.
  • It’s cost-effective. The motor is really efficient, which means it uses less energy and costs less to run.
  • It’s really durable. It’s designed to be as strong and effective as pumps used in industrial settings, so it’s more than capable of dealing with the water needs of a large house or for boosting water pressure.
  • It’s quiet, it clocks in at just 55db, which is comparable to the sound a dishwasher makes when running. 
  • It’s made of top-quality parts. All the parts that touch the water are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • It doesn’t turn on and off a lot. It has a built-in pressure tank that reduces the number of times the pump needs to start and stop.
  • You can easily adjust the pressure. The smart control panel lets you simply adjust the pressure to your taps.

Pump Curves:

How does a pump performance curve help me? Here is a simplified explanation:

A pump curve shows you what a pump is capable of – how much water it can move (flow) and how high it can lift it (pressure). The horizontal line on the chart is for the water flow, and the vertical line is for how high the pump can push the water. But remember, the pump’s job gets tougher if it needs to push water up high or through filters, fittings and pipework that create friction or drag. This ‘eats up’ some of the capacity, meaning the actual outcome at your tap could be different. The pump curve can be your initial starting guide to finding a pump that’s strong enough to give you the right water pressure and flow, after all these factors come into play.

Physical Attributes & Dimensions:

Operating Conditions & Technical Data:

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