FILTRAL – Fountain Pond pump, filter and UV

FILTRAL – Fountain Pond pump, filter and UV



FILTRAL – Fountain Pond Pump, filter and UV in one versitile unit

This is a multi function solution to owners of ponds up to 5000 litres. The Filtral is a compact filter unit with integrated UVC and fountain pump. There is only one power cable leading into the pond and no large filter system and hoses to impair the look of the pond. Guarantee is included in this worry free package.


Filtral 1500 UVC


Filtral 3000 UVC

Filtral 1500 UVC -all in pond pump, filter and UVC5, 560lph 0.9m max. head, 18w 1500l decorative/700l fish


Fitral 3000 UVC – all in pond pump, filter and UVC9, 1200lph 1.8m max. head, 36w 3000l decorative/1500l fish




Filtral 6000 UVC Filtral 6000 UVC -all in pond pump, filter and UVC11, 2500lph 2.1m max. head, 52w 6000l decorative/3000l fish. 10m cable $899.95





Pricing includes GST, excludes freight if applicable


Model 1500 3000                                     6000
UVC Power Usage (Watts) 5 9                                          11
Cable Length (m) Max. 10 10                                        10
Flowrate (l/hr) 560 1200                                    2500
Max. Head (m) .0.9 1.8                                       2.1
Dimensions LxWxH(mm) 207x228x130 3269x245x140                  347x276x157
Filtration Capacity
No Fish 1500 3000                                   6000
Goldfish 700 1500                                   3000
Guarantee (years) excluding UV Bulb 2 2                                         2





• Pump and UVC combination have a 35 watt power consumption in the 5000 model and 20 watts in the 2500 model.
• Pump, UVC and filter combined in one fully submersible unit.
• Comes with 3 quality Oase fountain nozzles.
• Contains 4 different filter materials to keep ponds clean and clear.
• Telescopic fountain tube for different water depths.
• T-piece for operating small water corses or water features
• Individual regulation of flow rate and fountain height.