Filter – Nitrate Selective Resin Cartridge

Filter – Nitrate Selective Resin Cartridge



The NRC-10 is a brine regenerable drinking water cartridge constructed from FDA grade
materials. It is selective for nitrate and can be used on clean bore water or prefiltered surface
water. Nitrate reduction is 90 – 95% and breakthrough is not caused by sulphate levels which
degrade the performance of some nitrate removal resins.

The capacity of the NRC-10 is 11,700 milligrams of nitrates as NO3. To determine the
capacity for a particular water divide this figure by the nitrate level as NO3. The result is the
capacity in Litres.

Most of the capacity of the NRC-10 can be restored in a few minutes by regeneration with salt
water using the Filterpure EZY Gen housings. Salt is passed through the cartridge and then is
rinsed out returning the cartridge to service. The NRC-10 can therefore be re-used several
times with minimum fuss and no need for replacement cartridges. Eventually the cartridge will
need to be replaced due to resin fouling or blockage of the sediment filter section, but a life of
two years or more can be expected.

The NRC-10 is for cold water service using a separate drinking water tap.


SIZE: 9.75“ (248mm), fits standard 10” housings.
Top diameter 77.5mm, bottom diameter 74.5mm 10”.
COLOUR: White.
POST FILTER: 5 micron spun-bonded polypropylene.
MEDIA: Food grade nitrate selective anion resin.
PRE FILTER: 50 Micron reticulated poly foam.
FLOW RATE: 2-3L/min.
CAPACITY: 11,700mg*.
pH RANGE: 6 – 9.
*Tested with 75mg/L nitrate feed to a 50% break in 100mg/L sulphate background.