Filter – Heavy Metal Reduction

Filter – Heavy Metal Reduction



The Filterpure KDC-10 is a high quality drinking water cartridge constructed totally of FDA grade materials intended for use in drinking water where there is a risk of aluminium or heavy metal contamination. It contains two separate purification media. The first stage is the versatile KDF oxidation/reduction media which removes trace metals, such as aluminium and lead, plus chlorine, prolonging the life of the second, carbon stage. KDF is listed by the US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as a drinking water component. KDF is bacteriostatic, meaning that bacteria growth within the media bed is inhibited.

The second stage is Granular Activated Carbon and has been selected for cleanliness and has a minimum Iodine number1 of 1050 and a minimum Molasses number2 of 200.  This quality assures performance in taste and odour removal and organics reduction (including THMs). Cartridge life depends on feedwater quality and can often be extended by use of a sediment removal prefilter to prevent premature clogging of the media’s active sites.

These cartridges are not suitable for whole house use and are for cold water service.


Remove or reduce
• Bad tastes & odour
• Chlorine and other organical chemicals


Size: 9.75“ (248mm), fits standard 10” housings.
Top diameter 77.5mm,
Bottom diameter 74.5mm.
Post Filter: 5 micron spun-bonded polypropylene.
Filter media: Premium dedusted 20×50 mesh Granular Activated Carbon & Bacteriostatic KDF for heavy metals removal and dechlorination (first stage).
Pre filter: 100 Micron reticulated poly foam.
Flow rate: 4 Litres/min.
Capacity: 40,000 Litres chlorine reduction*.
Hygienic life: 1 year.
pH range: 5 – 9.
Maximum temperature: 50°C.


Note: the media in this cartridge should be kept wet once used to avoid oxidation and loss of performance.
1) Iodine number – shows ability of GAC to absorb low molecular wt. organics like THMs.
2) Molasses number – measurement of a GAC’s ability to absorb high molecular weight organics like organic colour.