Filter – Hardness Reduction Cartridge

Filter – Hardness Reduction Cartridge



The HRC-10 is a brine regenerable industrial and general purpose softener cartridge
constructed from FDA approved materials. The high quality cation exchange resin used will
deliver softened water suitable for all small scale applications where lime-scale is a problem. It
is not designed to remove suspended solids from the water or remove chlorine. Hardness
removal is complete provided the flow is below 2L/min.

The capacity of the HRC-10 is 75,000 milligrams of hardness as CaCO3. To determine the
capacity of the particular water divide this figure by the hardness level as CaCO3. This result is
the capacity in litres, for example if the hardness as CaCO3 is 100 mg/L the capacity is 750

Most of the capacity of the HRC-10 (approx 70%) can be restored in a few minutes by
regeneration with salt water using the Filterpure EZY Gen housings. Salt is passed through
the cartridge and then is rinsed out returning the cartridge to service. The HRC-10 can
therefore be re-used several times with minimum fuss and no need for replacement cartridges.
Eventually the cartridge will need to be replaced due to resin fouling or blockage of the
sediment filter section, but a life of two years or more can be expected.



For cold water use only.


SIZE: 9.75“ (248mm), fits standard 10” housings.
Top diameter 77.5mm, bottom diameter 74.5mm.
COLOUR: White polypropylene.
POST FILTER: 5 micron spun-bonded polypropylene.
MEDIA: Cation exchange resin.
PRE FILTER: 50 micron reticulated poly foam.
FLOW RATE: 2 L/min (for maximum removal).
CAPACITY: 75,000mg (as CaCO3).
pH RANGE: 0 – 14.