The Goodwin

The Goodwin

Dairy Farmers, Have you been graded on your water quality in your Dairy Shed? Filtration and Disinfection of your water along with a storage tank is the cost effective and safe solution.

Why choose The Goodwin UV System?

The preassembled unit includes Filterpure 20micron filtration for sediment
reduction and 1micron filtration for cyst reduction. Followed by trusted
Davey® Steriflo® UV disinfection technology for water safety. With the ease of installation and quality of construction we believe is the best solution.

Choice of 2 models depending on your water flow needs:

ASC50W 50litres per minute
ASC70W 70litres per minute

The Davey proven 3 stage water disinfection and filtration process will ensure a safe and hygienic water supply.

  • High efficiency Steriflo UV disinfection system with low pressure lamp and test tube quartz sleeve for easy cleaning and high performance.
  • 2 x jumbo cartridge Filterpure filter housings for low friction losses and long cleaning intervals ensuring an efficient, economical system.
  • 20 micron pre-filtration for long cleaning intervals with dirt, rust, sediment and debris reduction
  • 1 micron filtration for parasitic cyst reduction and further sediment reduction to reduce ‘shadowing’ of bacteria and virus.
  • Universal flow direction. Left to right or right to left.
  • Can be mounted in under 5 minutes.
  • Lamp count down timer with set limit of 9000 hours (1 year) matches lamp life and ensures only disinfected water is delivered.**
  • Intelligent pump shut-off if the lamp fails. Ensuring disinfected water is supplied at all times. **

*Cannot treat water contaminated by metals, chemicals, algal toxins or radiation.
**Subject to routine maintenance outlined in the instructions booklet.

The Operating Limits

Model ASC50W ASC70W
Maximum Flow Rate 50 lpm 70 lpm
Maximum System pressure 700 kPa
Water temperature range 8 – 40 Degrees Celius
Maximum ambient temperature 50 Degrees Celius
Lamp Life 9,000 hours (1 year)


Service intervals will vary depending on incoming water quality
20micron pleated filter Clean 3 months, replace 12 months
1micron filter Replace 12 months
UV lamp Replace 12 months
UV quartz sleeve Clean 3- 6 months

Materials of Construction

Part Material
Filter housing Glass reinforced polypropylene
20 micron filter Pleated polyester fabric
1 micron filter Spun melt polypropylene fabric
Steriflo® UV disinfection unit
Chamber 304 stainless steel
Lamp Low pressure high intensity
Sleeve Quartz
Braided hose Silicone lined stainless steel
Wall mounting bracket Powder coated aluminium

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 220-240V
Supply frequency 50Hz
Phase 1
Lamp 45W
Input 5.9A
Output 5.7A max

All recommendations are general in nature and are intended as a guide only. Customers should make their own investigations as to whether Davey products are suitable for their specific needs.

What now?
The helpful team at McQuinn Pumps are happy to discuss any challange you may be facing with your water treatment, so give them a call on 0800 MCQUINN 0800 627846. Located in Whangarei, serving Northland, New Zealand.