Davies : Davies SP Series

Davies SP Series


Self Priming Pumps

Positive priming. Minimum maintenance. Low cost. high Efficiency. These are the benefits of Davies Self-priming centrifugal design. Once initially primed, SP pumps retain enough water to ensure positive self-priming even though the suction line drains back to the source. Davies SP series pumps are self-purging to avoid vapour-lock. Effective suction lifts up to 25 feet.



Davies SPK Maintenance

The electric motor bearings are pre-lubricated at the factory and under normal conditions will not require attention. Should the pump fail to self prime check the following:

1. Insufficient water in the pump body.
2. Check the suction line for air leaks
3. Check the impeller, self priming port, and suction strainer are not blocked. The impeller and priming port are accessible by removing the cover plate on the front of the pump body.
4. Check for leaking seal, replace if necessary.