Water Tank Cleaning


Our specialist equipment efficiently removes sludge from your tank, and clean your tank of bacteria carrying sediment, leaf litter, insects, birds, vermin and all other types of critters.

When was the last time you had your Water Tank Cleaned?

Most people claim they have never had their rainwater tank cleaned, and claim the water is just fine; just a hint of colour or a slight taste.

Why should you clean your Water Tank?

Over time leaves and debris enter the tank and begin to decompose on the bottom of the tank, turning the water a dark brown colour. Tank cleaning can reduce potential damage to your Water Pump, blockages of pipes, increase the life of your water filters, and where there are no filters, potential damage to your tapware, and is the first stage in ensuring the purity of your drinking water supply.

How often do you clean a Water Tank?

The Ministry of Health recommends annual tank cleaning Рhowever with appropriate filtration and bacteria control (UV) this can typically be 1-3 years.

Cleaning Water Tanks

When is the best time to clean a Water Tank?

Anytime! The process we use allows for minimal water loss.

Ministry of Health Recommendations:
Click on the link to see the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health regarding Water Tanks used for drinking water. The Ministry of Health recommends tanks are cleaned annually, by a tank cleaning contractor.

After Cleaning, why Sanitise your Water Tank?

After a tank is cleaned, you can choose to have the balance of the water in the tank sanitised – this allows any suspended organic matter to be neutralised and taken to the bottom of the tank, it will also disinfect the water for bacteria and neutralise any organisms. The sanitiser will then self-neutralise after number of hours. This is an optional extra to the tank cleaning process, but highly recommended to ensure the purity of your drinking water supply.

How do you keep your water tasting great?

Tank cleaning is the first stage in achieving purity of your drinking water supply. We can also recommend the best and most cost effective way to keep your roof collecion water, pure, safe and tasting great with the following for rainwater supply:

Cartridge Filters
UV Bacterial Control
Neutralising corrosive rain water
Softening of hard water
Carbon filtration to polish the water for taste/smell

We can supply and install the products that suit your requirements.

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