Water Treatment

Water Treatment

In order to achieve quality, tasty, safe water, we recommend your whole water system is considered. Also before treatment solutions are supplied we recommend having your water tested by our laboratory, to ensure the solution will be suitable for your water.

First Flush Divertors

1. First Flush Divertors

Installing a First Flush Diverter will improve water quality and reduce tank and filter maintenance, by reducing the initial contaminants and leaf litter entering the water tank…

Tank Cleaning

2. Water Tank Cleaning

How much sludge is in the bottom of your tank? Tank cleaning uses a small amount of water and should be repeated every 1-3 years…

Water Testing

3. Water Testing

Have your water tested to see which of the possible treatments are recommended to improve your water….

Filter Sediment

4. Filter Sediment

Inline filter housings to remove sediment that may damage the ceramic disks in modern tapware. Typically do not remove bacteria and bugs

Treat water for bugs and bacteria!

5. Filter and Treat Water for Bacteria and Bugs

To treat bacteria and bugs in water, there is more than one option available…

Neutralising Systems

6. Treat Water for pH Control

Treat your water for pH control to protect your copper pipes and Hot Water Cylinder.

Kinetico Water Softeners

7. Treat Water for Hardness/Scale

Treat your water for Hardness/Scale to protect your pipes/hotwater cylinder element and streaks on glassware.

Hot Water Tap

Instant Hot Water Taps

HC3300 INSTANT HOT WATER TAP The new HC3300 is the latest stylish addition to the InSinkErator range. Created to complement contemporary kitchen design, it dispenses hot filtered water but – uniquely – has just a single handle. The HC3300 benefits from a hot push-lever locking mechanism. … PRODUCT FEATURES 98˚C steaming hot water instantly. Up to 100 cups of steaming hot water per hour. Safe, filtered hot or cold drinking water. Contempory swivelling spout. Tap insulated from heat. Gentle touch,…

Davey Goodwin UV System

The Goodwin

Dairy Farmers, Have you been graded on your water quality in your Dairy Shed? Filtration and Disinfection of your water along with a storage tank is the cost effective and safe solution. Why choose The Goodwin UV System? The preassembled unit includes Filterpure 20micron filtration for sediment reduction and 1micron filtration for cyst reduction. Followed by trusted Davey® Steriflo® UV disinfection technology for water safety. With the ease of installation and quality of construction we believe is the best solution.…