At McQuinn Pumps we have over 2,000 different spares stocked for either repair or projects.  These can range from:

Pump Components
Irrigation Fittings
Irrigation Guns
Alkathene Pipe LD & MD

PVC Pipe
PVC Fittings
Brass Fittings
Leather Cups / Fabric Cups / Bucket Leathers

Pressure Switch and Controllers
Heat Cut Out Switches
Flow Switches
Pressure Tanks (Accumulators) – Bladder and Steel
Check Valves / Foot Valves / PVC Screens
Ball Valves / Gate Valves
Double Acting Valves
Mechanical Seals
Water Meters
Water Filters
Filter Cartridges
UV Lamps
Neutrafil / Akdolite Media for Neutralisers
Salt / Citric Acid for Water Softners
Carbon / Sand for Multimedia Units
Water Filter Taps / Faucets
Inline Filters
Vee Belts

If what you are looking for isn’t listed here, just give the team at McQuinn Pumps a call, as this list is just a selection.