Pump Category: Wastewater & Drainage

Yardmaster Pump

Yardmaster – Effluent Pump

IDEAL FOR… Yardmaster pumps can be found in use from dairy sheds to meat processing plants, from wool scowers to sawmills shifting sawdust FEATURES Non-clog impeller partially macerates soft materials so that solids will not pass into the line and cause blockages. The Yardmaster will also pump solids such as sand and gravel, is self-priming…
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Yardmaster Self Priming Pump

Yardmaster Self Priming Multi-Stage Pump – RHMP

For ‘Processed’ Irrigation Developed for effluent systems with shore mounted applications, the new Self Priming Multi-stage pump provides high efficiency, low maintenance and safe service access. The self priming multi-stage pump was designed in order to remove the risks from traditional floating frame options. The pump is mounted at the shore therefore making easy and…
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Tsurumi KTZ series Pump

Tsurumi KTZ series Dewatering Pump

KTZ pumps are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, including those found in the highly abrasive waters of construction, aggregate, and mining dewatering. Versatility is increased as each pump model has the capability of easily converting between high head and high volume performance with a simple change of the impeller and wear plate. Automatic…
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Tsurumi 50CA275s Cutter Pump

Tsurumi Submersible Sewage Pump – C Series

The C-series incorporates a cutter mechanism consisting of a tungsten carbide tipped channel impeller and a saw-tooth suction cover surface hardened. The cutter mechanism cuts fibrous materials to small pieces permitting clog-free pumping.   Automatic The Tsurumi Automatic type pump has an integral control circuit and two float switches operated at a low voltage. As…
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Grundfos Sololift Pump

Grundfos Sololift 2

APPLICATIONS Sololift2 lifting stations are a practical, compact, and ready to install solutions for discharging domestic effluent that cannot reach the main sewage pipe directly. The Sololift2 units grind and evacuate sewage and waste water quickly Install bathroom facilities without having to cut into concrete foundations – saves time and money Enables installations of toilets and showers where a natural…
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Grundfos SB Submersible Pump

APPLICATIONS The SB pump is a submersible booster pump for the pumping of clean water ideal for rainwater systems, treated grey water irrigation, operating sprinklers, and pumping water from tanks. The pump is available in two main versions: • with integrated suction strainer (1 mm mesh) • with side inlet which includes a flexible suction…
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Grundfos Unilift AP 35/50

Applications: The UNILIFT AP 35 & 50 is a single-stage, submersible pump with vortex impeller, designed for pumping effluent and sewage, containing particles up to a size of Ø50 mm (Unilift AP 50) and Ø35 mm (Unilift AP 35) depending on the pump size. UNILIFT AP 35 & 50 is available for automatic as well…
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Grundfos Unilift AP35B/AP50B

Applications: UNILIFT AP Basic pumps are single-stage pumps with a vortex impeller. The pumps are designed for pumping dirty water, untreated waste water containing particles up to a size of Ø50 mm, depending on the pump size. All UNILIFT AP Basic pumps are made of stainless steel with a composite base plate. The UNILIFT AP…
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Grundfos Unilift CC Pump

Grundfos Unilift CC

APPLICATION Unilift CC are multi-purpose submersible drainage pumps designed to handle clean water, groundwater and grey waste water with particles up to 10mm. It must be completely or partly submerged in the liquid. FEATURES Low-suction ability – down to 3mm when the strainer is removed Self venting valve in the pump allows for optimal operation…
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Grundfos Unilift KP AP12 Pump

Grundfos Unilift KP/AP12

APPLICATIONS KP and AP12 pumps are portable, multipurpose, submersible stainless steel pumps for the transfer of clear, non-aggressive water, slightly soiled water and wastewater. These pumps work equally well automatically and manually and are designed for either fixed installation or mobile use. Lifting wastewater from washing machines, showers, wash basins, located below the drain pipe…
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Grundfos Mixer Range

Grundfos Dairy Effluent Sump Mixer

Grundfos Mixers Range Mixers and flowmakers ensure that particles remain evenly distributed in wastewater and sludge, preventing sedimentation and supporting treatment processes. The range covers everything from small-scale mixers, ideal for prefabricated pumping stations, to large-scale flowmakers created for large tanks and basins. Wastewater infrastructure is an obvious application area – from network stations to…
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Grundfos S Series Waste Water Pump

Grundfos S Series

  S pumps form the backbone of many sewage systems. They are selected for their strength, their durability, and for innovative features such as the SmartTrim impeller clearance adjustment system and the Smart Seal for leakage prevention. The SmartTrim system used on the S-pumps makes it easy to adjust the factory-set impeller clearance and thus…
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Grundfos KPB Pump

Grundfos KPB – Discontinued

APPLICATIONS Ideal for emptying ponds, fountains, swimming pools, for pumping water from septic tanks and for drainage jobs in and around home and garden.   FEATURES Float switch for automatic pump operation Easy to handle Built-in thermal protection (1 x 240 V) KPB Vortex 330 handles particles up to 25 mm   CONSTRUCTION Technopolymer pump…
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Grundfos Sololift Pump

Grundfos Sololift – Discontinued

APPLICATIONS SOLOLIFT+ lifting stations are a practical and attractive solution for discharging domestic effluent that cannot reach the main sewage pipe directly. ● The Sololift+ units grind and evacuate sewage and wastewater quickly – up to 1 litre per second – and automatically to a maximum height of 5 metres and up to 100 metres…
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Grundfos Hilift Pump

Grundfos Hilift – Discontinued

APPLICATIONS The Hilift 35 is a multi-purpose submersible pressure pump ideal for rain water systems, grey water irrigation, operating sprinklers, and pumping water from tanks.   FEATURES • Silent alternative to surface pumps • Environmentally safe, oil-free • Ceramic shaft sleeve for long life • Built-in thermal overload protection   CONSTRUCTION • Composite and stainless…
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DAB Feka Box 200

DAB Fekabox 200 – Lifting Station Chamber

FEKABOX range automatic lifting stations are suitable for collecting and lifting clear, rain and waste water from washing machines, sinks and WCs in systems installed at a lower level than the sewer, in locations such as garages or basements. Models are compact and easy to install. They are ideal for homes and other residential properties.…
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DAB Feka Cast Iron


  The Feka cast iron submersible pump with vortex impeller, is suitable for pumping dirty water containing soft solids up to 42 mm (FEKA 2015) and 62 mm (FEKA 2500) in diameter.   FEATURES Automatic start option The single-phase version can be equipped with a float switch for automatic start/stop. Protective features (FEKA 2015 only)…
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DAB Feka Grinder

DAB Grinder Submersible Pump

  The Grinder cast iron submersible centrifugal pump with stainless steel cutting mechanism is suitable for pumping sewage waste water.   FEATURES: Cutting mechanism Only allows solids (up to 5 mm) to be passed by the pump into the hydraulics Made from stainless steel to ensure long life Power cable Supplied with 10 metre H07RN-F…
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DAB E-Box Wastewater Controler

  The E-Box is a dual alternating control panel for wastewater (tank fill or tank empty) or boosting pumps. This versatile controller includes built-in protection and automatic operation of electric pumps. It is suitable for built-in pumps with float, level sensor or pressure switch controls for single or three phase applications.   FEATURES Adaptability Compatible…
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Mono CP series

Whether for domestic pumping requirements, or light industrial duties – they’ll keep up with the pressure of work! The Mono Principle: The CP uses the famous helical rotor pumping principle. The heart of the Mono Pump is the single helix metal rotor which rotates eccentrically within a double helix resilient stator of twice the pitch…
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Davies VC Series Pump

Davies VC Series

  Sorry, pump and spare parts unavailable.