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Agricultural Domestic Industrial Grundfos Onga Other Brands DAB Davies
Bore Pumps Bulldozer Pumps Circulating Components Dewatering Dosing End Suction Engine Driven and Fire Fighting Home Pumps Irrigation Piston Driven Pond Pool Equipment Pressure Tanks Rainwater Harvesting Submersible Transfer Vat Washing Washdown Wastewater & Drainage Water Filters


Macewans H Series Reciprocating Pumps

Grundfos SCALA 1 Pressure Pump

Grundfos JP Jet Pressure Pump

Grundfos JPC Pump

Grundfos JPC Pressure Pump – Discontinued

Hydraulic Ram Pump No.5

Bore Pipe Flexible

Flexibore – Bore Pump Pipe Solution

SCALA2 Pressue Pump System

Grundfos SCALA2 3-45 VSD Pump


Grundfos CMB SP


DAB E.Sybox

Yardmaster Pump

Yardmaster – Effluent Pump

Yardmaster Self Priming Pump

Yardmaster Self Priming Multi-Stage Pump – RHMP

Wallace Powerflo Pump

Wallace Powerflo Pumps

Davies B1 Piston Pump Shop Online

B1 Series

Pentair SSS Centrifugal Pump

Onga SSS Centrifugal Pump

Onga Pantera Pump

Onga Pantera Pool Pump

Onga Miniblaze Pump

Onga Miniblaze Petrol Pump

Onga Blazemaster Pump

Onga Blazemaster – Single Stage Petrol Pump

Tsurumi KTZ series Pump

Tsurumi KTZ series Dewatering Pump

Tsurumi 50CA275s Cutter Pump

Tsurumi Submersible Sewage Pump – C Series

CME Pump Grundfos

Grundfos CME

Grundfos JPC Pump

Grundfos JP Rain Pressure Pump – Discontinued

Grundfos JP PM Pump

Grundfos JP5 & JP6 – Discontinued

Grundfos PMRain Switch

Grundfos PMRain

Grundfos SQN/SQEN Pump

Grundfos SQN/SQEN Bore Pump

Grundfos SBA Submersible

Grundfos UPA Pump

Grundfos UPA

Grundfos UPN Pump

Grundfos UPN

Grundfos UPS Alpha Pump

Grundfos UPS/Alpha 2

Grundfos Comfort Pump

Grundfos Comfort

Grundfos Sololift Pump

Grundfos Sololift 2

Grundfos SB Submersible Pump

Grundfos Unilift AP 35/50

Grundfos Unilift AP35B/AP50B

Grundfos Unilift CC Pump

Grundfos Unilift CC

Grundfos Unilift KP AP12 Pump

Grundfos Unilift KP/AP12

Grundfos CR Pump

Grundfos CR

Grundfos Dairy Blaster Pump

Grundfos Dairy Blaster

Grundfos Mixer Range

Grundfos Dairy Effluent Sump Mixer

Grundfos Dosing Pump

Grundfos Dosing Pump

Grundfos GO Remote

Grundfos GO CAPS

Grundfos Hydro Multi-B Booster Pump Set

Grundfos Hydro Multi-B

Grundfos Hydro Solo E Pump

Grundfos Hydro Solo E – Booster Pump

Grundfos S Series Waste Water Pump

Grundfos S Series

Grundfos Pressure Tanks

Grundfos Pressure Tanks

NK/NKG Long Coupled

Grundfos NK/NKG Pumps Long-coupled

Grundfos NB Series

Grundfos NB, NBG, NBE, NBGE

Grundfos MQ Pump

Grundfos MQ

Grundfos KPB Pump

Grundfos KPB – Discontinued

Grundfos CM Booster PM

Grundfos CM Booster

Grundfos Sololift Pump

Grundfos Sololift – Discontinued

Grundfos NSB Pump

Grundfos NSB – Discontinued

Grundfos SPO Pump

Grundfos SPO – Discontinued

Grundfos PFB Pump

Grundfos PFB – Discontinued

Grundfos JPB Pump

Grundfos JPB – Discontinued

Grundfos Hilift Pump

Grundfos Hilift – Discontinued

Grundfos CHV Pump

Grundfos CHV – Discontinued

Grundfos CHIE Pump

Grundfos CHIE – Discontinued

Grundfos CH Pump

Grundfos CH – Discontinued

DAB AD Euroinox

DAB AD Euroinox

DAB Active Euroinox

DAB Active Euroinox

DAB Active Jetinox

DAB Active Jetinox

DAB Active Jetcom

DAB Active Jetcom

DAB K Series

DAB K Series

Dab DP Jet Shallow Well

DAB DP Jet Shallow Well

DAB DP Jet Deepwell

DAB DP Jet Deep Well

DAB Defender Pump

DAB Defender Petrol Pump

DAB Jetinox MP Pump

DAB Jetinox MP

DAB Feka Box 200

DAB Fekabox 200 – Lifting Station Chamber



DAB Feka Cast Iron


DAB Feka Grinder

DAB Grinder Submersible Pump

DAB Nova UP Pump


DAB Verty Nova

DAB Verty Nova Submersible Pump




DAB Nova Pond

DAB Pulsar

DAB Pulsar

DAB Diver Pump

DAB Diver Submersible Pump


DAB E-Box Wastewater Controler

DAB Active Driver Pump

DAB Active Driver VFD

DAB Active System

DAB Active System

Grundfos SP Pump

SPA/SP – Submersible Borehole Pump Range

Onga 400 Series

Onga 400 series

Onga 112 and 252 Pump

Onga 112/252

Pump Cover

Pump Cover

Onga 14Series Pump

Onga 14 series


Onga OJ800

Anderson Piston Pump

Anderson – Reciprocating Pumps – Bulldozer Pumps – Deepwell Pumps

Mono CP series

Onga Spa pool Blower

Onga Blower

Onga Max-E-Boost Pool Cleaner Pump

Onga Max-E-Boost

Onga 5PSP Series

Onga 5PSP Series

Onga OJ Honda

Onga OJ Range Engine Driven

Onga Leisuretime aboveground

Onga Leisuretime AGP

Onga Leisuretime Solar Heating Pump

Onga Leisuretime Solar

Onga Leisuretime Pool Pump

Onga Leisuretime

Onga SuperFlo Pool Pump

Onga SuperFlo Pool Pump

Onga WhisperfloXF Pool Pump

Onga WhisperFlo XF

Onga WhisperFlo Pool Pump

Onga WhisperFlo Pool Pump

Onga Blazemaster Twin Stage

Blazemaster Twin Stage Petrol Pump

Onga SilentFlo Pump

Onga SilentFlo Pool Pump

Onga Max-E-Pro Pump

Onga Pentair Max-E-Pro Pool Pump

Onga ECO800 Pump

Onga ECO800

Onga Enviromax Pump

Onga Enviromax – NEW for 2015

Onga IntelliFlo Pump

Onga Intelliflo Pool Pump – VSD

Honda WX10 Petrol Pump

Honda WX10 1inch Petrol Pump

Honda WX15 Petrol Pump

Honda WX15 1.5inch Petrol Pump

Honda WB20 gx120 pump

Honda WB20 2inch Petrol Pump

Pentair Everpure Filter Systems

Onga Triton II Side Mount Filter

Onga System:3 D.E. Filters

Onga System:2 Modular D.E. Filter

Onga Pantera Cartridge Filter

Onga Posi-Clear RP Filter

Onga Clean & Clear Plus Filter

500 Gallon Piston Pump

Davies C1 Series

Davies D Series Pump

Davies D Series

Davies E Series Pump

Davies E Series

Davies K Series Pump

Davies K Series

Davies L Series Pump

Davies L Series

Davies M Series Pump

Davies M Series

Davies R Series Pump

Davies R Series

Davies SP Series Pump

Davies SP Series

Davies VC Series Pump

Davies VC Series

Mako Pond Pump

MAKO – Multi purpose Pond Pump


INFINITI Pond and Water Feature Pump – compact, reliable Italian made

FILTRAL – Fountain Pond pump, filter and UV

Aquarius Pond Pnmp Range

OASE Aquarius Universal Pond Pump

Marlin Pond Pump

MARLIN – Small Water feature pump

PWT Commercial Filters – Fibreglass Tank with Side-Mount Flanges

PWT Commercial Filter – Fibreglass Tank with Top Mount MPV

PWT Commercial Filters

Onga GP960 Pump

Onga GP960

Onga Model 384 Pump

Onga Model 384

Onga Self priming Pump

Onga Self Priming

Onga 18 Series Pumps

Onga 18 Series


Onga OJ700

ONGA JJ Range Pump

Onga JJ Range

Filterpure ARC-10

Filter – Arsenic Reduction

Filterpure CERAC-10

Filter – Cyst and Bacterial Reduction

Filterpure ACP-10

Filter – Limescale Prevention

Filterpure AFAC-10

Filter – Fluoride Removal

Filterpure KDC-10 KDF

Filter – Heavy Metal Reduction

Filter – Hardness Reduction Cartridge

Filter – Deionising Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge

Filter – Nitrate Selective Resin Cartridge

Bench Top filter

Steaming Hot/Cold – Aquaboil

Davey Goodwin UV Filter System

Contaminated Water Diverter

Whole House UV Filter System

GE Homespring Ultrafiltration System

Onga Leisuretime II Top Mount Filter

Onga Pantera Top Mount FIlter

Onga Cristal-Flo Top Mount Filter

Onga Tagelus Top Mount FIlter

Renown Hand Primer Pump

Renown Hand Operated Priming Diaphragm Pump

Renown Hand Transfer Pump

Renown Force Pump & Drum Pump

Multi-Jet Water Meter

Krohne Electromagnetic Flow Meter