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Mono CP series

Whether for domestic pumping requirements, or light industrial duties – they’ll keep up with the pressure of work!

The Mono Principle:

The CP uses the famous helical rotor pumping principle. The heart of the Mono Pump is the single helix metal rotor which rotates eccentrically within a double helix resilient stator of twice the pitch length of the rotor. The rotor of circular cross section creates a continuously forming cavity as it rotates. The cavity progresses towards the discharge end, advancing in front of a continuously forming seal line, carrying the pumped material with it. As the stator open cross sectional area is always constant the flow rate is continuous without pulsation.

Designed for use where low flow or transfer duties in both domestic and industrial applications are required, these units are self priming and achieve suction lifts up to 8 metres on water.

Garden sprinkler systems, Cellar drainage, Water sampling, Cosmetics, Light creams, Water supply from wells or rivers, Septic tank/cesspit emptying, Hydraulic/lubricating oils, Diesel/fuel oils, Shampoo, Dosing applications.

  • The progressing cavity pump principle ensures steady output pressure and non-pulsing flow with minimal slippage – a very useful feature when pumping heating oil to burner nozzles, for example
  • Smooth action and resilient rubber stator ensure quiet running – ideal for light industrial and domestic installations
  • Simple design and easily dismantled
  • Can come with an abrasion and chemical resistant stator for handling viscous liquids and random solids
  • Available as cast iron, stainless steel or engineered co-polymer bodies
  • High quality stainless steel rotating parts


Available in various models – See .pdf for further Technical details, or see these pumps in our Showroom at 72 Kioreroa Road, Whangarei.

Spare Parts and Pumps held in stock at our Whangarei Branch.

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