Other Brands : MARLIN – Small Water feature pump

MARLIN – Small Water feature pump

Marlin Water feature Pump

The Aquagarden Marlin range of submersible water feature pumps are small and compact. Ideally suited to fit into the smallest of pump housings. Each model comes with an adjustable flow control and a 1 year Guarantee on Motor.

Marlin 300 Marlin 300 – 300lph, max head 0.65m, 5W, 3 Metre Cable $39.95
Marlin 450 Marlin 450 – 450lph, max head 0.75m, 6W, 3 Metre Cable $49.95
Marlin 650 Marlin 650 – 650lph, max head 1.2m, 8W, 3 Metre Cable $59.95

Prices Include GST, but Exclude Freight