Grundfos : Grundfos SBA Submersible

Grundfos SBA Submersible


The new Grundfos SBA is a complete all-in-one unit. It is built on the proven SB platform, but comes with an integrated control unit – eliminating the need for an external pump controller.

With the new SBA, everything you need to guarantee reliable pumping of water is included.


Built to your need…

Many installers and home owners want simple but reliable pump solutions that require only a minimum of changes to the original installation. The SBA is literally a plug- and pump solution. Once installed and connected to the piping, all you need to do is switch on the pump. The result is a reliable solution and greatly reduced installation costs.



Noiseless operation

  • The SBA pump emits no noise when submerged and is therefore a noiseless alternative to non-submersible pumps.

High Reliability

  • The SBA pump is built from composite and stainless steel materials which are resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, the pump has a stainless steel strainer which prevents large particles from entering the pump housing.

Integrated protection

  • The pump offers thermal overload protection

Floating suction strainer

  • The model with floating suction strainer always draws the water from just below the water surface where the water is clean and free from solid particles.

Other features:

  • Simplicity – all-in-one unit
  • Easy installation – no external control unit
  • Integrated dry-running protection
  • Automatic restart after dry-running
  • Lifting eye



Available in various models – see the .pdf file for further technical details.