Grundfos : Grundfos Pressure Tanks

Grundfos Pressure Tanks


Grundfos pressure tanks are for cold water and are ideally suited and approved for use with drinking water. The range assures reliable supply in both domestic and industrial situations.


• Portable water application

• Can be used with any Grundfos pump

• Five year warranty

• Tank capacity up to 450 litres on request

• Water Mark approved*


• The tanks have a non-toxic butyl rubber diaphragm, dividing the tank chamber in two compartments. The upper compartment contains compressed atmospheric air. The lower compartment has a liner in polypropylene (PP) and is filled with water from the pump.
• Vertical installation
• Pre-charge pressure: 150 kPa / 22 psi Note: the tank pressure must be checked at least twice a year. Set the tank pressure 10% below the pump cut-in pressure.


Available in various models – see the .pdf file for further technical details.