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Filter – Fluoride Removal

The Filterpure AFAC-10 is a non-regenerable drinking water cartridge using preconditioned Actival, a
fluoride selective media, plus Granular Activated Carbon to remove chlorine and “Tastes and Odours”.
Laboratory and field results show that the usual 1 mg/L fluoride level added to water supplies is
reduced by 80 to 90%.  The AFAC-10 cartridge has a typical hygienic life of six months in normal use. Cartridge life depends on feedwater quality and it is often beneficial to use a sediment removal prefilter to prevent premature clogging of the media’s active sites. High pH, excessive flow rate and bicarbonate alkalinity of over 100mg/L will reduce the effectiveness of the Actival media.
These cartridges are not suitable for whole house use and are for the filtration of cold water only.


Remove or reduce
• Fluoride
• Chlorine
• Dirt – Sediment
• Rust & Algae and other organic chemicals.


Size: 9.75“ (248mm), fits standard 10” housings.
Top diameter 77.5mm,
Bottom diameter 74.5mm
Post filter: 5micron spun-bonded polypropylene
Filter media: Premium dedusted Granular
Activated Carbon.
& Actival fluoride selective media.
Pre filter: 100 micron reticulated poly foam.
Flow rate: 2 Litres/min.
Capacity*: 2,000 Litres.
Hygienic life: 6 months.
pH range: 5 – 9.
Maximum temperature: 50°C

*For 80-90% reduction in fluoride level, corresponds to 2000 Litres of water at 1 mg/L fluoride.