Other Brands : Filter – Deionising Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge

Filter – Deionising Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge

The DIC-10 is a non-regenerable industrial and general purpose mixed bed deionisation cartridge designed to give very low TDS water for analytical and general laboratory use.  The high quality ion exchange resins used will deliver deionised water with a minimum TOC background suitable for all applications requiring chemically pure water for general laboratory use or to fill autoclaves.
The DIC-10 is constructed from FDA grade material and media. It can be used in a recirculating mode or as a polisher for Reverse Osmosis product water. The capacity on 50mg/l TDS water is approximately 560 litres.

Divide 28,000 by the TDS of the feed in mg/l to get the approximate throughput in litres.
Downflow operation is preferred. Intermittent upflow may cause bed separation and is not
recommended for critical applications.

Flow rates in excess of 1 Lpm will give higher conductivity levels but these will still be
acceptable for most purposes unless conductivity <1mS-1 is required. When fed with normal
tapwater a conductivity of 2mS-1 can be expected.

For cold water use. De-ionised water is not recommended for drinking.


SIZE: 9.75“ (248mm), fits standard 10” housings.
Top diameter 77.5mm, bottom diameter 74.5mm.
COLOUR: White.
POST FILTER: 5 micron spun-bonded polypropylene.
MEDIA: Semiconductor grade (low TOC) mixed bed resin (1:1 equivalent ratio).
PRE FILTER: 50 Micron reticulated poly foam.
FLOW RATE: 1 – 2 l/min.
CAPACITY: 28,000mg*.
pH RANGE: 0 – 14.
* Lab tested on 10 ppm feed to 10 megohm break.