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Anderson Pumps were designed by Engineers right in the thick of pumping problems – Engineers who needed hard-working, trouble free bulldozer pumps. They produced this excellent range of reciprocating pumps which were specifically designed to overcome all the usual pumping problems.

The Anderson’s pump range features easy belt tensioning, ball bearings, high head pressures and all Anderson pumps are individually tested before leaving the New Zealand factory. Precision interchangeable spares are stocked at McQuinn Pumps, and Onsite repairs are also available.

Motor options available at McQuinn Pumps – Electric, Petrol or Diesel.


Anderson Pumps General Specification

TYPE Horizontal double acting

CRANKCASE Cast iron totally enclosed type made in one casting and fully protecting gearing from grit. Crankcase end is accurately machined in one setting ensuring perfect alignment of all working parts.

GEARING Driving pinion which is machine cut from S.G castings is mounted on shaft running in ball-bearings and meshing with machine cut helical spur wheel bolted to eccentric sheave. Eccentric sheave and spur wheel, being separate parts, greatly facilitates maintenance.

CONNECTING ROD Rugged construction with built in self lubrication.

CYLINDER One piece casting. Fitted with renewable brass liner.

PUMP VALVES Special compound rubber and mounted on plate which can be removed without disturbing pipe work,

PLUNGER ROD Corrosion resistant stainless steel.


Anderson Pump Maintenance

The gland should be checked periodically and tightened if necessary. Water should drip from the gland and if over tightened will increase wear on gland packing and plunger rod through lack of lubrication.

Check oil level regularly and change oil at least every 6 months. Belt tension should be checked one month after installation and six monthly thereafter.

We would recommend and annual service – although this can depend on the water quality and duty of the pump. McQuinn Pumps have engineers available to conduct annual servicing either on site or at the Service Centre.



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