Yardmaster RH7 11.0kW 2950rpm High Speed Irrigation Pump

Yardmaster RH7 11.0kW 2950rpm High Speed Irrigation Pump


with Three Phase Motor and 2” Fbsp Outlet

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Yardmaster Effluent Pump – RH7

Introducing Yardmaster’s Effluent Pump, your go-to solution for handling various types of liquids and solids. Designed and engineered in New Zealand, this pump is perfectly tailored for local conditions and a variety of applications, from dairy sheds to meat processing plants and sawmills.

Key Features:

  • Non-Clog Impeller: Say goodbye to blockages. The unique impeller design not only handles solids like sand and gravel but also partially macerates soft materials to prevent them from causing obstructions in your line.
  • Dynamic Deflecting Shaft: Designed to adapt, the shaft can move up to 1/2″ on either side of the center, allowing the impeller to maneuver over obstacles and keep things flowing smoothly.
  • Smart By-Pass System: Available in the smaller models, this feature keeps both liquid and solids in motion around the pump head. It acts as a secondary inlet while the impeller works to break down any temporary blockages, maintaining fluid velocity in your line.
  • Heavy-Duty Bearings: Built for longevity, these bearings are situated above the liquid level, making them both durable and trouble-free.
  • Versatile Motor Placement: No need for special fittings or guards; the motor comes pre-mounted above the pump, away from any moisture or obstructions.

Whether you’re in agriculture, meat processing, or woodwork, the Yardmaster Effluent Pump is your reliable partner for efficient and effective liquid and solid management.

Performance Curves:

Please note that the performance curves we provide are based on water pumping scenarios. If you’re planning to pump more complex materials like slurries, manures, or other effluents, the pump’s delivery, head, and power specifications may vary.

Looking for Spare Parts?

Parts are available for this pump, if you are just looking for Yardmaster parts, they can be found by clicking here.

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