Filtec Rainwater UV System Medium-Large House

Filtec Rainwater UV System Medium-Large House


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Effortless Setup – Versatile bracket allows multiple mounting options.

High-Quality Pre-Filtration – Our depth filtration boosts dirt retention better than standard high flow filters.

UV Safety – Patented Safety-Loc™ cap prevents accidental UV exposure, making water safer by neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

Dependable – Quality constant-current driver guarantees a 9000-hour UV lamp lifespan.

Sturdy Build – Made with top-grade components for durability.

High Efficiency – Delivers up to 130lpm of safe drinking water.

Low-Maintenance – Features a lamp life countdown and alert system for timely lamp and filter replacements.




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Filtec VH410F202AF

Rainwater UV System for a medium to large home

For those living in medium to large-sized homes and depend on rainwater as your primary water source, it’s essential to keep it clean and safe. In our ever-changing environment, multiple factors can compromise water quality. The journey of rainwater, from its fall to storage can sometimes introduce contaminants. By employing a dual strategy of protection, sediment filtration paired with UV disinfection, we can effectively neutralize Cysts (like Giardia and Cryptosporidium), bacteria (such as E.coli), and some viruses. The best part? This treatment ensures safe water flow without hindering your water pressure, even during high usage times. By treating all the rainwater coming into your home, it ensures every tap delivers safer, cleaner water.

The UV System has 1 x 20″  Dual Sediment Filter, resulting in only needing to replace one filter rather than several like other systems.

Comes with a reversible stainless steel bracket, giving you options on which way round you want to install the UV system.

It has a lamp countdown timer with a digital display, which helps you keep track of when your UV lamp is needing to be changed.

It also has an audible lamp reminder & failure indicator alarm.

LP-HO Lamp – replace annually.

Safety-Loc™ Connector.

Note: System will typically require maintenance during the year (check filter and replace if required, clean quartz sleeve), and annual servicing, replacing filter and UV Lamp. Refer manufacturers instruction booklet for more details.

*Cannot treat water contaminated by metals, chemicals, algal toxins or radiation.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation – Reversible bracket for multiple install options
  • Advanced pre-filtration – The high flow filter features depth filtration for improved dirt holding capacity vs. conventional high flow filters
  • Safe – Makes water safer as UV light inactivates bacteria, viruses & cysts. The patented Safety-Loc™ lamp cap ensures no accidental exposure to UV light
  • Reliable – High quality constant current driver ensures 9000hr lamp life
  • Durable – Manufactured with quality components to ensure long life
  • High Output – Providing safe drinking water with a peak flow rate of up to 130lpm
  • Easy maintenance – Lamp life countdown timer and a lamp change alarm to remind you when to change lamps, simple filter/lamp change and sleeve cleaning process.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Well sell replacement filter cartridges and UV Lamps for these systems too! Click below if you are looking for a replacement.

20″ Jumbo Filter Cartridge, SKU – CM520HF

UV Lamp, SKU – S410RLHO


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