Renown Force Pump & Drum Pump

Renown Force Pump & Drum Pump




For Pumping water, kerosene, fuel, oil or petrol.  Can also be used as a priming pump to carry away water discharged.

The Renown Diaphragm Hand Pumps employ moulded diaphragms of synthetic rubber instead of plunger or buck leathers.  For certain applications they are ideal.


All castings are of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy for lightness and the diaphragm and rubber valves are moulded in synthetic rubber,, unaffected by oils, kerosene, sunlight or weather.  The valves are closed by phosphor bronze springs to ensure positive action in all mounting positions.  No lubrication is required as the only bearings are the handle pivots which work in oil retaining bronze bushes.


Inlet connection – 1 inch BSP
Outlet connection – 1 inch Bore Hose
Mounting – 1 inch pipe or 2 inch BSP Flange or Socket.
Displacement – 5 Strokes per gallon.
Maximum Vacuum – 20 feet of water.
Made in New Zealand

This pump, similar to the Force Pumps, has a side outlet and the base casting is screwed to fit into a standard 44 Gallon Drum.  A one inch suction pump and 6 feet of delivery hose and a nozzle are available as a package (Model L770).


Also available with a viton seal for water with contaminants such as oil (Model 760V)