PWT Commercial Filters

PWT Commercial Filters



Horizontal Fibreglass Tank with Side Flanges

The Pentair Horizontal Filters are suitable for high de54 PWT Commercial Horizontal Filters B54 PWT Commercial Horizontal Filters Cmand in filtration surface area, especially for commercial purposes.  With long life and minimal servicing.  Suitable for large scale water features, aquarium and commercial pools.

  • Spun-woven, UV resistant fibreglass construction for exceptional strength, chemical resistance and long life.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 250kPA or 400kPa.
  • Even spread of laterals.
  • 4inch Sight Glass.
  • Manhole for servicing.
  • Union Drain.
  • Air Vent valve.
  • In-built Manometer
  • 1 year commercial warranty (conditions apply)

See PDF for further technical specifications.