Puretec Hybrid-M1 Filtration & UV Undersink System

Puretec Hybrid-M1 Filtration & UV Undersink System


UV System Model HYBRID-M1
Replacement Filter Size 10 inch standard
UV Lamp RL2
Flow Rate 8 Lpm
Min/Max Temperature 0 – 52°C
Min/Max Pressure 200 – 520 kPa
Connection 1/2″ BSP [15mm]
Warranty 3 years

Price includes GST and is freight free within North Island and South Island of New Zealand


Puretec Hybrid-M1 Filtration & UV Undersink System

The Hybrid M1 is a premium undersink water filter system, designed for effortless installation under any mixer tap. Utilizing advanced Radfire™ ultraviolet technology, it ensures 99.9% bacteria elimination, providing you with clean and healthy drinking water. This eco-friendly unit doesn’t rely on chemicals, ensuring your rainwater is transformed into pure and tasty water suitable for consumption.

Upgrade your existing mixer tap into a powerful UV bacteria-eliminating filter tap. Ideal for both mains and rainwater sources, the Hybrid M1 is perfect for those looking to enhance the safety and quality of their drinking water. Its compact design makes it an excellent choice for tiny homes, ensuring safe drinking water straight from a single sink.

The system seamlessly connects to any mixer tap, offering quick and simple installation. It is expertly designed to filter out dirt, rust, sediment, and unwanted taste and odour (with filter cartridges), This eco-friendly and chemical-free UV system features a unique water chamber design, developed through computer simulations, to enhance hydraulic performance and boost disinfection efficiency. Maintenance is hassle-free;  just replace the UV lamp annually, clean the sleeve as needed and replace the filter cartridges when required (depending on your water source).

The system initially comes with some filter cartridges and a UV lamp.

Easy Home Installation

The Hybrid-M1 Series filter system will easily fit under your existing kitchen bench. All plumbing fittings are included for easy installation.

Hybrid-M1 Dimensions

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