PT-H70 High Pressure Steel Pressure Tank 70 Gallons

PT-H70 High Pressure Steel Pressure Tank 70 Gallons




Capacity: 318 Litres (70 Gallons)

Maximum working pressure: 1656KPa (240PSI)

Diameter: 585 mm (23″)

Height: 1510 mm (59.4″)

Weight: 176 Kgs

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PT-H70 High Pressure Steel Pressure Tank 70 Gallons

The PT-H70 pressure tank is suited for average sized farms, rural properties, or any location where steep terrains or longer distances demand higher pressure. This robust tank houses a generous 318 Litres (or 70 Gallons). Built to last, the PT-H70 is expertly constructed from durable, heavy gauge mild steel.

These pressure tanks have been around for over three decades, earning their reputation for reliability and longevity. While these tanks were primarily designed with bore water systems in mind, their adaptability means they’ll fit into any system, thanks to standardized fittings.

The PT-H70 doesn’t just deliver on size; it’s all about efficiency too. Pressure tanks can help cut running costs and extend your pump’s lifespan by reducing start-up frequency. 

Extra care is taken with these pressure tanks to help with their longevity, as they are internally coated. And you can trust that the PT-H90 is up to the highest standards. These tanks are built and tested according to the NZSS 1841 standard, in full compliance with New Zealand’s pressure vessel regulations.

Specifications for this model of pressure tank:

  • Capacity: 318 Litres (70 Gallons)
  • Maximum working pressure: 1656KPa (240PSI)
  • Diameter: 585 mm (23″)
  • Height: 1510 mm (59.4″)
  • Weight: 176 kgs

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Additional information

Weight 176 kg
Dimensions 585 × 1510 mm