Onga SeaBass Aquaculture Pump

Onga SeaBass Aquaculture Pump



Onga SeaBass Aquaculture Pump

Pump failure is not an option when your business relies on water quality 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s why Onga has designed and engineered the new Sea Bass Aquaculture range of pumps from the ground up, specifically to meet the unique demands of the Aquaculture industry. The Seabass range of pumps will reduce costs in your organisation through long life, and high efficiency, minimising operating costs. There are several models in this range to help cater to a variety of water requirements.

If you are replacing this pump, please note the older variants of this pump look visually different, but they serve the same purpose.

Pump Construction

  • It has a Stainless steel shaft for corrosion protection.
  • It has a salt water mechanical seal, which reduces the risk of seal leaks and failures in a salt water pumping application.
  • The motor is suited for 8 hours of continuous operation per day, leaving it a reliable choice as a fishing boat pump.
  • The pump has a tall stand to help protect your pump from contact with surface water.
  • The inlet and outlet
  • Triple epoxy coated motor provides external corrosion protection.
  • The inlet and outlet unions to suit 50mm UPVC pipe.

Below is a PDF showing more about the different models of this pump (press the pdf button if you would like a print out or to download). If you have questions scroll below to contact us.



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