Onga 400 Series Hi-Flo Range

Onga 400 Series Hi-Flo Range


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Introducing the 400 series, robust pumps made with top-tier, corrosion-resistant materials. These pumps deliver impressive water flows of up to 270 liters per minute, or alternatively, can achieve maximum pressure up to 26 meters. This kind of performance makes them highly versatile and capable of meeting the demands of various applications.

The Model 413, in particular, is a perfect choice for circulation duties in hydroponic greenhouses and water transfer tasks. With its unique specifications, it’s ideally suited to ensure the smooth operation of these specific environments.

One of the defining features of the 400 series is the construction of their casings. They are moulded out of a resilient ABS material, making them incredibly sturdy and capable of withstanding harsh conditions. This durability means that the 400 series pumps can handle demanding tasks while maintaining their performance and integrity.

Where to use the 400 series:

These pumps are excellent for a range of applications. They’re ideal for high flow water transfer tasks, making them useful in a variety of industrial and agricultural settings. Moreover, they are suitable for light industrial applications, where their robustness and high performance can be truly utilized. Additionally, they’re perfect for animal hygiene stations, where high-volume water flow is essential.

The 400 series represents the combination of durability and performance, making them an excellent choice for those in need of a reliable and efficient pump solution. Be sure to contact us if you are unsure what model would suit your application best!