Mono CP 11 & Mono CP 25 Pumps

Mono CP 11 & Mono CP 25 Pumps


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Typical Pumped Products & Applications for the Mono Cp 11 & the Mono Cp 25
Milk Mustard
Honey Domestic Water Supply
Food Colour Septic Effluent
Fruit Juice Brine Injection for meat curing
Wine Oily Water
Detergents Molasses transfer stock feed
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Mono CP 11 & Mono CP 25 Pumps

Welcome to the Mono Range of pumps. These versatile and compact pumps strike the perfect balance between simplicity and robust construction. They’re ideal for everything from household use to light industrial and agricultural tasks. Plus, they’re great for wells, especially when you only need to pull water up from a depth of about 6 meters or less.

These pumps find their use in diverse fields including wine and beverage industries, filling machines, transferring weak acids and alkalis, septic and sullage disposal, brine injection, spear point, and domestic water supply, among others. With a focus on easy installation and operation, they are also great for garden reticulation.

We sell two of the Mono Range pumps, the Mono CP11 and the Mono CP25, each utilizing the progressive cavity principle. They can generate pressure up to 28 metres head, the main differing factor between the two models is their maximum flow rates.

Offering a selection of stator options like Natural, Nitrile (Standard), Hypalon, High Nitrile, and Fluoroelastomer (for CP11 and CP25 models only), these pumps cater to a variety of needs.

At the heart of the Mono pump lies the helical rotor pumping principle. It involves a single helix metal rotor that moves eccentrically within a double helix resilient stator. As the rotor turns, it creates a continually forming cavity that moves towards the pump’s discharge end, promoting an even flow rate.

The Mono pumps’ primary advantages include speed-proportional capacity, the ability to self-prime even when there are air bubbles in the liquid, and the capability to process thick substances. They also ensure gentle handling of shear-sensitive materials. They’re also great at handling liquids containing solids or abrasive components, and delivering a consistent, smooth flow without interruptions.


Mono CP 11 & CP 25 Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Single mechanical seal Low maintenance
Self priming up to 6 m High suction lifts
Tough engineered grade acetal co-polymer plastic housing Long lasting, low replacement costs
Stainless steel internal rotating parts Corrosion free, long life
Close coupled drive arrangement Compact in size
Simple and easy to maintain Low maintenance
Integral mounting bracket Ease of installation
Tropical proof motor as standard Can be installed outside
BSP threaded port connections Ease of installation
Stainless Steel fasteners Long Life
Bareshaft options Optional drive selections


Performance Curve



The Mono CP11 has flows to 11 litres per minute and the Mono CP25 has flows to 25 litres per minute.

The maximum head for both models is 28 metres.

Maximum Speed is 1450 rpm.

Lead length: 2 metres (240v only)

If you have any questions on this product, don’t hesitate to contact us for help with finding the right product or variant for your application.

Currently the MONO CP11 is out of stock, please contact us if you are interested in this model.

Need Spare Parts for your Mono Pump?

We have spare parts available for both the Mono CP 11 and the Mono CP 25 (While stocks last) under our spare parts section.

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MONO CP11 Single Phase 0.18kW Pump, MONO CP25 Single Phase 0.37kW Pump