MAKO – Multi purpose Pond Pump

MAKO – Multi purpose Pond Pump



MAKO – Multifunction fountain, pond and waterfeature pump


Please note: this pump has been discontinued, if you would like to buy a new pump with a similar performance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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The Aquagarden Mako range offers a cheap and affordable pump without sacrificing performance. Designed for continuous operation due to its magnetic drive design. Features include BSP threaded inlet and outlets for easy installation of prefilters and fountain kits. Adjustable fountain stem that allows the user to enjoy a perfect fountain effect even when the pump is on an unlevel base. Ceramic impellor shaft for longer impellor life. All Mako pumps come with a range of fountain heads.

Product Description RRP
Mako 1000 Mako 1000 – 1,000 lph, 1.4m max. head, 10w. 12m cable
Mako 2500 Mako 2500 – 2,400 lph, max. head 2.1m, 35w. 10m cable
Mako 4000 Mako 4000 – 4,100 lph, max. head 3m, 70w. 10m cable
Mako 6000 Mako 6000 – 5,800 lph, max. head 4.1m, 150w. 10m cable
Mako 9000 Mako 9000 – 8,000 lph, max. head 5.0m, 240w. 10m cable
Mako 1000LV Mako 1000LV – 1,050 lph, 1.45m max. head, 19w, 24v low voltage. 10m cable
Mako 2500LV Mako 2500LV – 2,300 lph, 2.1m max. head, 44w, 24v low voltage. 10m cable

Prices include GST, exclude freight where applicable.



• Fresh and saltwater use
• Can be operated fully submersed or out of water
• Wear-resistant ceramic shaft
• Thermal overload protection
• Economical power consumption
• Multi-function fountain head, similar to Vulkan (spray) and Lava (bell sheet) nozzles
• Fountain and pond pumps