Grundfos ALPHA2 (Cast Iron)

Grundfos ALPHA2 (Cast Iron)


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Grundfos ALPHA2

Multi-speed, cast iron hot water circulator 

Meet the Grundfos ALPHA2, an impressively silent and compact circulating pump, designed specifically for efficient hot water distribution within a sealed heating system.

Perfect for Large Homes: The Grundfos ALPHA2 is the ideal solution for substantial homes, being excellently suited to hot water radiator heating systems, ensuring consistent warmth throughout your living space.

Energy Efficiency: It comes equipped with a state-of-the-art AUTOADAPT feature. This intelligent system learns the patterns of hot water usage in your home’s heating system and adjusts the pump’s operation to match future needs, enhancing energy efficiency.

Ultra-Quiet Operation: The ALPHA2 offers ultra-quiet performance, guaranteeing a peaceful household even when the pump is hard at work.

ALPHA2 25 mm Union Set available separately.

Pump Curve:

Example of a Typical ALPHA2 Heating Installation :

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