Grundfos UPN

Grundfos UPN



Grundfos UP N

Stainless steel hot water circulator 

Introducing the Grundfos UP N, an extraordinarily silent, compact hot water circulating pump built for residential use. Its primary function is to efficiently distribute hot water throughout your home, ensuring immediate availability at all hot water outlets such as ones in bathrooms and kitchens. The UP N circulator Pumps in stainless steel are specifically designed for household hot water systems, and solar hot water applications.

Experience instant hot water supply with this efficient circulating pump, which offers immediate hot water delivery at your tap when connected with a return line. This feature prevents the wastage of hundreds of litres of water per year that would otherwise drain away as you wait for your hot water system to respond. A pump like this can help you save your precious water, whilst providing you with the convenience of instant hot water.

The Grundfos UP N circulation pump meets the stringent standards of AS/NZS 4020, designed for products that come in contact with drinking water. There’s no risk to water quality, thanks to the main components being crafted from stainless steel (pump housing, bearing plate, stator, and rotor can are stainless steel AISI 304).

Its ultra-quiet operation won’t disturb the peace of your household, making it the perfect addition to any quiet home environment.

Fully interchangeable with most installed bronze models (150 mm port to port), the UP20-60N model is specifically designed for hot water applications, but can also accommodate chilled water from +2°C.

20mm UP N Union Sets are available separately.

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