Grundfos PMRain

Grundfos PMRain




The Grundfos PM Rain is an interconnect device that allows you to utilise your harvested rainwater for toilet, laundry and garden applications, with the added benefit of mains water backup. The PM Rain is used in conjunction with a Grundfos pump. The pump itself is only activated when rainwater is being drawn from the tank. It does not operate when switched to mains.
The PM Rain automatically starts when a demand is sensed —for example the flushing of a toilet or filling a washing machine – and will switch over to mains water when your tank is empty or in the case of an electrical failure.
Grundfos has incorporated a specially designed valve eliminating the need for an in-tank float — drastically decreasing installation time.



• The easiest, quickest system to install
• Does not require any regular maintenance
• Dual check valve for back-flow prevention
• Suitable for above and below ground tanks
• Will automatically switch to mains water in the event of power failure



• Maximum Flow Rate — Pump 75 Lpm
• Maximum Mains Pressure — limited to 200 kPa
• Maximum Water Temperature 40°C
• Maximum Ambient Temperature 50°C
• Mains water inlet size via dual check valve 1/4″ BSP (F)
• Voltage 240 V, 50 Hz



Available in various models – see the .pdf file for further technical details.