Grundfos JP Jet Pump with Pressure Tank and Pressure Switch

Grundfos JP Jet Pump with Pressure Tank and Pressure Switch


Pressure Small House
2-3 taps
Medium House
3-4 taps
Large House
4-5 taps
High pressure for double storey dwellings and long runs of pipe JP 3-42 JP 4-54 JP 5-48
Adequate pressure for most single storey dwellings JP 3-42 JP 4-47 JP 5-48
Taps are 15 l/min at 22.5 m head


Grundfos JP Spec Sheet


  • Mains Boosting
  • Water Pressure boosting from above or below ground tanks

Price includes GST and is freight free within North Island and South Island of New Zealand

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Grundfos JP Jet Pump with Pressure Tank and Pressure Switch

Domestic Self-Priming Jet Pump

McQuinn Pumps Recommendation: The Grundfos Jet Pump range packs quite a punch when it comes to pump performance for the cost. There are several models in the range to cover different water demands.

For when water sources both above and below pump level: Engineered with superior suction lift capabilities, the Grundfos JP pump effortlessly extracts water from depths up to 8 meters below its position, making it a flexible choice.

Exceptional cost-effectiveness: This pump range, perfect for small to medium-sized households (some larger homes depending on the model), offers exceptional value for money, balancing performance with affordability.

Built to last: Each pump in this range features construction from corrosion-resistant composite materials and stainless steel parts, which helps set up the pump to achieve a long-lasting and reliable operation.

The pressure tank minimizes the number of times the pump has to start and stop, thereby reducing wear and tear. Each time a pump starts up, it uses a lot of energy and can place strain on the pump’s components. With a pressure tank, water is drawn from the tank first, meaning the pump cycles less frequently, which can help in extending the water pump’s lifespan.


JP Pump Performance Curve Showing the Different Models:

Physical Attributes & Dimensions:

Operating Conditions & Technical Data:

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JP 3-42 PT-V, JP 4-47 PT-V, JP 4-54 PT-V, JP 5-48 PT-V