Grundfos CH – Discontinued

Grundfos CH – Discontinued

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Grundfos CH CM Booster SP CM Booster
CH2-30 CMB SP 3-28 CMB 1-36 BASIC
CH2-40 CMB SP 3-37 CMB 3-37 BASIC
CH2-50 CMB SP 3-47
CH2-60 CMB SP 3-56
CH4-30 CMB SP 5-28
CH4-60 CMB SP 5-47 CMB 5-46 BASIC


Grundfos CH – Discontinued

One of grundfos’s most popular house pumps. The Grundfos CH has been discontinued, however a few modern models have superseded it, such as the CM Booster & The CM Booster SP.

• Ideal for household water supply, the Grundfos CH-PC minimises annoying shower temperature fluctuations.

• Water supply for house and garden.

• Liquid transfer and circulation of liquids within light
industry and farming

• Pressure boosting in single-pump and multi-pump
booster systems

• Domestic water supply

• Cooling systems

• Air-conditioning systems.


• The Grundfos CH-PC incorporates dry run protection
• Quiet operation.
• Vital parts are made of stainless steel for a long life
• Built-in thermal protection (1 x 240V)
• Electrophoresis coating to resist corrosion


• Stainless steel impellers, intermediate chambers and shaft
• Carbon / ceramic seal
• IP54 motor
• Insulation Class F
• Maximum ambient temperature: +55°C

The Grundfos CH and CHN pumps are non-self-priming,
horizontal, multistage, centrifugal pumps.

Pump and motor are integrated in a compact and user-friendly design making the pumps suitable for installation
in compact systems.

The pump is fitted with a maintenance-free, mechanical
shaft seal and through-going pump-motor shaft.

CH: Chambers as well as all moving parts in contact
with the pumped liquid are made of stainless steel.
Discharge chamber, suction chamber and base plate
are made of cast iron/iron and painted non-gloss
CHN: Discharge chamber, suction chamber, base
plate as well as all parts in contact with the pumped
liquid are made of stainless steel.

The motor is painted non-gloss black.

The CH and CHN pumps are designed for small domestic
and industrial systems.

Pumped liquids

Thin, clean, non-aggressive and non-explosive liquids
without solid particles or fibers.

Thin, clean, slightly aggressive and non-explosive
liquids without solid particles or fibers.

Some grundfos CH pumps may have come with a pressure control or a pressure tank, we sell pressure tanks separately.

Replacement Options

As titled, this great range of Grundfos Pump has been discontinued, however two modernized, improved versions of this range has taken its place. The Grundfos CMB/ CM Booster range, as well as the CMB/ CM Booster SP (Self Priming) range. The proper replacement pump largely depends on your setup and your Grundfos CH model you’re trying to replace. The CM Booster range cannot self prime (it is not made to suck water from below it/has the ability to self prime) where-as the CM Booster SP range can, so depending on where your current pump is located (above, inline or below) would determine which range would suit you best. Another factor with finding a great suitable replacement for your pump is that the Grundfos CH range was quite large, there were multiple versions that could deal with different amounts of water & at different pressures. The CM Booster / CMB range only has a few model choices, whereas the CM Booster SP / CMB SP range has several options, giving you a more accurate like-for-like replacement.

If you are unsure which model replacement would suit you best, feel free to contact us at 0800 MCQUINN, or enquire here.

Below are the current options we have for sale if you would like to have a look!

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