Flexibore – Bore Pump Pipe Solution

Flexibore – Bore Pump Pipe Solution

Flexibore is the most cost efficient and effective pipe solution for pumping bore water.




Flexibore has been specifically designed to replace rigid riser pipes such as PVC and Galvanised Pipe, which are subject to encrustations resulting in reduced flow rates. Galvanised pipe can be difficult to remove when the pump requires servicing, involving a lifting crane due to the length of the pipe pieces.

Flexibore is attached to the pump with patented couplings.  The pump, with hose and cables attached is lowered into the bore using either a simple rolling wheel and people, or in commercial environments with a crane.  With its continuous length, the hose can be installed with less time and labour than rigid pipe systems.  The same advantages apply to pump retrieval.

Flexibore 100 series

lends itself to hand and basic installation in rural and domestic applications as well as remote areas with difficult access.  The diameters are 32mm and 50mm ID for depths of up to 100m.  For deeper applications refer to Flexibore 250 series below.

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Flexibore 250 series

is typically used in mine de-watering, domestic and municipal water supply, test pump , rural and industrial bore water retrieval and similar ground water projects.
The sizes range from 40mm to 200mm internal diameter and depths of up to 250m.

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