Filter – Limescale Prevention

Filter – Limescale Prevention



The Filterpure ACP-10 is a high quality drinking water cartridge constructed totally of FDA grade materials. It is effective in the reduction of scale deposits and corrosion stains on fixtures, plumbing and food service equipment such as coffee machines and icemakers.
The Hexametaphosphate component of the cartridge is gradually released into the water flow, modifying scale crystals and reducing their adhesion to metal surfaces. In addition metal surfaces are protected by a coating of the polyphosphate too thin to affect heat transfer. The Hexametaphosphate crystals dissolve at a relatively constant rate irrespective of daily flow, and after six months the cartridge is at the end of it’s hygienic life.
The high quality Granular Activated Carbon component removes chlorine, tastes and odours ensuring that the water is pleasant for the consumer of the beverage, ice, etc.  The ACP-10 is recommended for all food service applications where water is heated or chilled, ensuring pleasant
water and at the same time protecting expensive equipment.
Note that hexametaphosphate is successful when water is heated after the filtration, unlike “Siliphos” which is only suitable for chilled water applications.
These cartridges are not suitable for whole house use and are for the filtration of cold water only.


Remove or reduce
• Scale deposits
• Corrosion stains
• Bad tastes & odour
• Chlorine and other organic chemicals.


Sizes: 9.75“ (248mm), fits standard
10” housings
Top diameter 77.5mm,
Bottom diameter 74.5mm
Colour: White
Post filter: 5 micron spun-bonded polypropylene.
Filter media: Food grade Hexametaphosphate for limescale control. & Premium dedusted 20×50 mesh Granular Activated Carbon – “Tastes and Odours”.
Hygienic life: 6 months.
Pre filter: 100 Micron reticulated poly foam.
Flow rate: 4 – 6 Litres/min.
Capacity: 6000 Litres (hygeinic life 6 months).
pH range: 7 – 9.
Maximum temperature: 50°C