Filter – Arsenic Reduction

Filter – Arsenic Reduction



The Filterpure ARC-10 is a non-regenerable industrial and general purpose cartridge constructed fromFDA approved materials. The media is Bayoxide E33, a granular Ferric Oxide that efficiently adsorbs both Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V). This is the most cost effective technology available to meet the challenge of achieving the less than 10ppb requirement of the NZ Drinking Water Standards and the USEPA.

The cartridges should be installed in underbench housings using the ARC-10 or the ARC-10J for a higher flow rate or Arsenic level (not both together), or in a countertop housing using the ARC-10.
The presence of Iron (>0.5mg/L) or Manganese (>0.05mg/L) and the presence of high levels of Silica, Sulphates, Sulphide or Fluoride can all compromise performance so it is essential
to have a complete water analysis done.

The cartridges are also capable of removing most heavy metals and Zinc but testing is essential.
All components of the cartridges are FDA listed. For cold water use only.


Remove or reduce
• Arsenic Reduction
• Heavy metals
• Zinc


SIZE: 9.75“ (248mm), fits standard 10” housings.
Standard diameter 70mm,
Jumbo diameter 114mm.
COLOUR: Blue polyethylene.
POST FILTER: 25 micron nominal
MEDIA: NSF61 listed Bayoxide E33.
PRE FILTER: Poly foam.
FLOW RATE: Std: 2 L/min (for maximum removal)
Jumbo: 4 L/min
CAPACITY: Std: 4000 Litres
Jumbo: 12000 Litres
pH RANGE: 6.0-8.5
PERFORMANCE: Influent Arsenic:
0.05mg/L (Std)
0.10mg/L (Jumbo)
Effluent Arsenic: <0.010mg/L