Devan 3,500 Litre Water Tank

Devan 3,500 Litre Water Tank

Tank Dimensions:

3,500 litres (775 gallons)

Width 2.0m  Height: 1.3 metres Outlet(s): 1 x 50mm (2 inch) brass BSPT fitting

Please note: there may be some differences between tank sizes made in the North Island and in the South island, please check out the brochures below.

  • Full 20 Year Warranty (not a pro-rata)
  • Bury up to 500mm deep with clean backfill.
  • Super tough dome – with space frame substructure

Resources & Extra Information

Devan Water Tank Installation Guide

North Island Tank Brochure

South Island Tank Brochure


Devan 3,500 Litre Water Tank

Devan operates manufacturing and distribution centers in Tauranga and Christchurch, enabling them to offer nationwide customer service. They have a fleet of ten custom delivery trucks for nationwide delivery, including the main islands surrounding New Zealand (note: extra charges apply for ferry transport).

For added value, Devan Tanks provides a straight forward 20-year warranty on all domestic water tanks. Their tanks are manufactured to the highest standards using advanced technology and undergo intensive quality assurance. This is a non-pro-rata warranty, ensuring that if a tank is affected by a manufacturing fault, it will be either repaired or replaced with a new tank.

Colours the tank can be made in:

Please note that the colours represented are the best match possible within screen and print variations. Colours may vary.

How Does Delivery Work?

All Devan water tanks from 600L to 30,000L are delivered free to your gate within the North and South Islands providing the public road is accessible by Devan’s truck, which can be up to 3.1m wide, 4.5m high and up to 20m long! Other locations that require ferry transport for example will incur additional costs payable by the purchaser. The video below shows a real life delivery!

Have any Questions?

If you have any questions on this product, such as an expected ETA for fulfilling a water tank order, or would like up to date pricing, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. If you are local, pop into our store to speak with the team. We are located at 72 Kioreroa Road, Whangārei 0110. If you are not local and have a question, you can fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

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