DAB Pulsar

DAB Pulsar




The Pulsar submersible pump is designed for distributing pressurised water to domestic installations and small agricultural systems. It has a flow rate of 7.2 m³/h and head up to 72 metres.



Versatile installation

  • Can be installed inside boreholes and sumps, eliminating potential loss of suction and loss of priming.
  • Option to install horizontally or vertically to cater for most spaces.


  • Quiet and efficient in operation for reduced water consumption and energy costs

Protective functions

  • Dry run protection (via float switch) to stop pump damage if no water is present
  • Hydraulic section below motor cooled by pumped liquid
  • Thermal protection, overload protection and permanently connected capacitor (single phase version only) prevents the motor from overheating.

Automatic operation

  • Single-phase versions are equipped with float switches for automatic operation
  • Float switch as standard for automatic operation.



Available in various models – see the .pdf file for further technical details.