DAB E.Sybox

DAB E.Sybox




The E.sybox (Easy box) is a revolutionary, compact, self priming multistage booster pump, equipped with variable speed control providing constant pressure on demand. The feature packed E.sybox is suitable for pressure boosting from rainwater tanks and does not require any additional components for installation.



  • Variable speed inverter maintains constant pressure using less energy under low flows resulting in energy cost saving.
  • Quiet in operation for increased comfort.


Easy installation

  • The sleek and flexible design has multiple inlet and outlets for horizontal or vertical installation.


Low Maintenance

  • The external suction and delivery ports can be easily accessed with no need to dismantle pump.>

User friendly interface

  • LCD display allows users to customise pump settings and display operating applications..

Protective features:

  • 2 litre expansion tank to protect against thermal fluctuations.
  • Dry run protection to stop pump damage if no water is present.
  • Intelligent anti freeze protection prevents the formation of ice inside the unit.
  • Over/Under voltage protection.
  • Over current protection.


Available in various models – see the .pdf file for further technical details.