B1 Piston Pump – Low Pressure 400 Gallons/Hour

B1 Piston Pump – Low Pressure 400 Gallons/Hour


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Includes the Vee Belt, Motor Pulley and Gland Spanner

OIL REQUIRED SAE30 (not included)

Bore 1 3/4 inch
Stroke 1 3/4 inch
Maximum Flow G.P.H 400
Maximum Flow Litres/min 30
Maximum Head (Feet) 200
Maximum Head (m) 60
Maximum Head kPa 600
Motor H.P 1.0
Motor kW 0.75
Inlet Suction 1 inch
Outlet Delivery 3/4 inch

Davies B1 Dimensions

Length 60cm

Width 30cm

Height 32cm

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B1 Piston Pump – Low Pressure 400 Gallons/Hour

Direct Drive Piston Water Pumps

The B Series is a single cylinder double-acting piston pump especially adapted for open or pressure tank service. The enclosed type of crankcase is designed to meet a demand for a pump which has a minimum of exposed working parts, thereby securing maximum safety of operation as well as good lubrication. The pump is suitable where the vertical distance to the lowest water level does not exceed 7.6 metres (25 feet).

B1 Construction

Power End: or Frame serves as the oil reservoir and contains removable bearings for eccentric shaft.

Piston Rod: is stainless steel and works through stuffing box of nut and gland type.

Water End: Bolted to Power End is reversible if required, with replaceable brass cylinder liner and replaceable bronze valve
grid seats which are pressed firmly in pump head casting.

Drive: Vee to vee. Fully adjustable. 14inch A on Pump, 2 ½ inch A on Motor, 48 inch AV belt.
Crosshead prevents all side thrust on stuffing box and plunger.

Connecting Rod: is of cast iron accurately machined, with large bearing surfaces.

Main Shaft: is integral with eccentric and has bearing on each end. Direction of rotation not important.

Lubrication: Oil in the crankcase floods every moving part at each stroke of the pump. (1/2pint SAE30 Oil)Valves are rubber, seating on bronze grid seats and are quickly accessible without disturbing suction or discharge connections.

Vacuum Chamber: suction opening is high enough to ensure the cylinder being filled with water at all times. And the pump
always “primed”.

Suction and Discharge Lines: These are taken from the side of the cylinder body. It is never necessary to disconnect any of
the piping to get at the inside of the pump.

Drive: Can be reversed to opposite side, if required. Generous table for prime mover with special Vee Belt tensioning.

Drain: To enable any gland losses to be piped away the well in the crankcase below the plunger rod is tapped to take
1/8inch BSP fitting.

Valves: Teflon valves accurately machined seating on bronze grid seats.

Piston: Special packed piston which is also accessible without dismantling pump.

Gland: Special packing to suit application.

Air Vessels: Provision for extra air vessels on both suction and delivery, ensures smooth, quiet and reliable operation.

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