Anderson 355 Piston Pump

Anderson 355 Piston Pump


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.Recommended Oil EP90 (not included)

Excludes Motor

Includes Motor Pulley and Belt

Note: Manufacturer supplies these with Hard Valve Rubbers – if Soft Valve Rubbers are required, these are additional to the cost of the pump.

Dimension Specifications:

Crankshaft Diameter 1″

Motor Pulley Diameter

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Anderson 355 Piston Pump

Introducing the Anderson “350” Series – where performance meets reliability. Among our top-performing pumps, the Anderson 355 and 357 stand out for their exceptional engineering.

The Anderson 355 is a powerhouse designed for robust volume needs without skimping on pressure. Its distinguished 4 1/2″ motor pulley is optimized for cold water operations, complemented by durable leather cups and a gentle valve rubber. Offering a commendable flow rate of 2273 litres per hour (or 500 gallons), and an impressive maximum head of 216 psi (equivalent to a 500 ft or 150m vertical lift), this pump is an excellent choice for those seeking efficiency and reliability in one package.

The Anderson pump range feature easy belt tensioning, ball bearings, exceptionally high head pressures, and all Anderson pumps are individually tested before shipped. Precision interchangeable spares are still readily available for these pumps. Click here if you are in need of some replacement parts.

Exploded Diagram of the Anderson 355-357 Piston Pump


Cast iron totally enclosed type made in one casting and fully protecting gearing from grit. Crankcase end is accurately machined in one setting ensuring perfect alignment of all working parts.


Driving pinion which is machine cut from S.G. castings is mounted on shaft running in ball-bearings and meshing with machine cut helical spur wheel bolted to eccentric sheave. Eccentric sheave and spur wheel, being separate parts, greatly facilitates maintenance.

Connecting Rod

Rugged construction with built in self lubrication.


One piece casting. Fitted with renewable brass liner.

Pump Valves

Special compound rubber and mounted on plate which can be removed without disturbing pipe work.

Plunger Rod

Corrosion resistant stainless steel


With exception of No. 402, all Anderson pumps are designed to pump cold or hot water at 93°C /  200 °F with 15 foot positive suction head i.e. flooded suction.


If you would like to know more about this pump or if it may suit your application, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Need parts?

We sell replacement piston pump parts for this model, if you would like to have a look at them please click here.