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Hydraulic Ram Pump No.5

The Hydraulic Ram is an automatic device for elevating water.  Where ever a flow of water with a gradual fall can be obtained, a portion of the water may be forced to a considerable height. Please read the attached brochure for the range at which this model will operate. For Pricing see the McQuinn Shop.…
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Bore Pipe Flexible

Flexibore – Bore Pump Pipe Solution

Flexibore is the most cost efficient and effective pipe solution for pumping bore water.

Yardmaster Pump

Yardmaster – Effluent Pump

IDEAL FOR… Yardmaster pumps can be found in use from dairy sheds to meat processing plants, from wool scowers to sawmills shifting sawdust FEATURES Non-clog impeller partially macerates soft materials so that solids will not pass into the line and cause blockages. The Yardmaster will also pump solids such as sand and gravel, is self-priming…
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Yardmaster Self Priming Pump

Yardmaster Self Priming Multi-Stage Pump – RHMP

For ‘Processed’ Irrigation Developed for effluent systems with shore mounted applications, the new Self Priming Multi-stage pump provides high efficiency, low maintenance and safe service access. The self priming multi-stage pump was designed in order to remove the risks from traditional floating frame options. The pump is mounted at the shore therefore making easy and…
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Wallace Powerflo Pump

Wallace Powerflo Pumps

  Suitable for pumping from wells, spearpoints, springs, dams, reservoirs, lakes, streams and rivers.   FEATURES: Manufactured with 5/8″ stainless steel plunger rod. Replaceable bearings – the pinion and main shaft bearings can be individually replaced thereby reducing costly maintenance bills. Screwed valve seats – both suction and delivery valve seats are screwed into the…
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Tsurumi KTZ series Pump

Tsurumi KTZ series Dewatering Pump

KTZ pumps are designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, including those found in the highly abrasive waters of construction, aggregate, and mining dewatering. Versatility is increased as each pump model has the capability of easily converting between high head and high volume performance with a simple change of the impeller and wear plate. Automatic…
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Tsurumi 50CA275s Cutter Pump

Tsurumi Submersible Sewage Pump – C Series

The C-series incorporates a cutter mechanism consisting of a tungsten carbide tipped channel impeller and a saw-tooth suction cover surface hardened. The cutter mechanism cuts fibrous materials to small pieces permitting clog-free pumping.   Automatic The Tsurumi Automatic type pump has an integral control circuit and two float switches operated at a low voltage. As…
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Pump Cover

Pump Cover

.. Their versatility, durability and low cost make Promax Pump Covers the popular choice with plumbers and home owners. Each cover comes with a DIY mounting base for your pump that the cover slides over. Well vented to prevent overheating Stainless-steel screws are included with the package Fits most common pumps Easy to install in…
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Anderson Piston Pump

Anderson – Reciprocating Pumps – Bulldozer Pumps – Deepwell Pumps

  Anderson Pumps were designed by Engineers right in the thick of pumping problems – Engineers who needed hard-working, trouble free bulldozer pumps. They produced this excellent range of reciprocating pumps which were specifically designed to overcome all the usual pumping problems. The Anderson’s pump range features easy belt tensioning, ball bearings, high head pressures…
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Mono CP series

Whether for domestic pumping requirements, or light industrial duties – they’ll keep up with the pressure of work! The Mono Principle: The CP uses the famous helical rotor pumping principle. The heart of the Mono Pump is the single helix metal rotor which rotates eccentrically within a double helix resilient stator of twice the pitch…
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Honda WX10 Petrol Pump

Honda WX10 1inch Petrol Pump

Perfect for homeowners, gardeners, boat owners, and more FEATURES Lightweight general purpose 1″ pump Easy starting Honda mini 4-stroke engine 110 l/min capacity Weighs only 6kg. Engine GX25 Displacement 25cc Bore and stroke 1.4″ x 1.0″ Compression Ratio 8.0:1 Oil Alert No Pump type General purpose Centrifugal Self-priming Volute Aluminum Impeller Aluminum Mechanical Seal (Pump…
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Honda WX15 Petrol Pump

Honda WX15 1.5inch Petrol Pump

Easy starting Honda mini 4-stroke commercial engine Perfect for homeowners, gardeners, boat owners, and more FEATURES Lightweight general purpose 1″ pump Easy starting Honda mini 4-stroke engine 240 l/min capacity Weighs only 9kg. Engine GXH50 Displacement 49cc Bore and stroke 1.65″ x 1.42″ Compression Ratio 8.0:1 Oil Alert Std Pump type General purpose Centrifugal Self-priming…
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Honda WB20 gx120 pump

Honda WB20 2inch Petrol Pump

Easy starting Honda OHV commercial engine The durable Honda GX series commercial grade engine is easy starting and provides ample power for the toughest conditions. FEATURES General purpose, centrifugal 2″ pump Easy starting Honda OHV commercial engine 600 l/min. capacity Durable silicon carbide mechanical seal Cast iron volute and impeller Engine GX120 Displacement 118cc Bore and…
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Pentair Everpure Filter Systems

PENTAIR EVERPURE have set the standard for water filtration in commercial kitchens for more than 80 years.  Now, this quality is available for your home. PENTAIR EVERPURE’s diverse line of advanced filtration systems and luxury products will transform how you experience on of life’s essential elements at home.  Get the exceptional filtration you desire to…
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FILTRAL – Fountain Pond pump, filter and UV

FILTRAL – Fountain Pond Pump, filter and UV in one versitile unit This is a multi function solution to owners of ponds up to 5000 litres. The Filtral is a compact filter unit with integrated UVC and fountain pump. There is only one power cable leading into the pond and no large filter system and hoses to impair…
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Aquarius Pond Pnmp Range

OASE Aquarius Universal Pond Pump

OASE AQUARIUS UNIVERSAL (formally Neptun) – flat priming and extremely quiet All pumps are equipped with a 10m cable and a built in flow regulator for infinite, simple adjustment. The water inlet on each pump is at the base , making it ideal for water features with shallow water depths and the silent operation means you…
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Marlin Pond Pump

MARLIN – Small Water feature pump

Marlin Water feature Pump The Aquagarden Marlin range of submersible water feature pumps are small and compact. Ideally suited to fit into the smallest of pump housings. Each model comes with an adjustable flow control and a 1 year Guarantee on Motor. PRODUCT TYPE DESCRIPTION RRP Marlin 650 Marlin 650 – 650lph, max head 1.2m, 8W,…
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Filterpure ARC-10

Filter – Arsenic Reduction

The Filterpure ARC-10 is a non-regenerable industrial and general purpose cartridge constructed fromFDA approved materials. The media is Bayoxide E33, a granular Ferric Oxide that efficiently adsorbs both Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V). This is the most cost effective technology available to meet the challenge of achieving the less than 10ppb requirement of the NZ Drinking Water Standards and the USEPA.…
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Filterpure CERAC-10

Filter – Cyst and Bacterial Reduction

The Filterpure CERAC-10 is an all carbon cartridge for the removal of cysts and coliform bacteria from drinking water.  These cartridges are constructed totally of FDA grade materials. They are an effective combination cartridge capable of fulfilling the dual roles of filtration and purification, reducing bacteria and cysts as well as “Tastes and Odours,” chlorine, pesticides, chemicals and sediment. The…
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Filterpure ACP-10

Filter – Limescale Prevention

The Filterpure ACP-10 is a high quality drinking water cartridge constructed totally of FDA grade materials. It is effective in the reduction of scale deposits and corrosion stains on fixtures, plumbing and food service equipment such as coffee machines and icemakers. The Hexametaphosphate component of the cartridge is gradually released into the water flow, modifying scale crystals and reducing their adhesion…
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Filterpure AFAC-10

Filter – Fluoride Removal

The Filterpure AFAC-10 is a non-regenerable drinking water cartridge using preconditioned Actival, a fluoride selective media, plus Granular Activated Carbon to remove chlorine and “Tastes and Odours”. Laboratory and field results show that the usual 1 mg/L fluoride level added to water supplies is reduced by 80 to 90%.  The AFAC-10 cartridge has a typical hygienic life of six…
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Filterpure KDC-10 KDF

Filter – Heavy Metal Reduction

The Filterpure KDC-10 is a high quality drinking water cartridge constructed totally of FDA grade materials intended for use in drinking water where there is a risk of aluminium or heavy metal contamination. It contains two separate purification media. The first stage is the versatile KDF oxidation/reduction media which removes trace metals, such as aluminium…
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Filter – Hardness Reduction Cartridge

The HRC-10 is a brine regenerable industrial and general purpose softener cartridge constructed from FDA approved materials. The high quality cation exchange resin used will deliver softened water suitable for all small scale applications where lime-scale is a problem. It is not designed to remove suspended solids from the water or remove chlorine. Hardness removal…
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Filter – Deionising Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge

The DIC-10 is a non-regenerable industrial and general purpose mixed bed deionisation cartridge designed to give very low TDS water for analytical and general laboratory use.  The high quality ion exchange resins used will deliver deionised water with a minimum TOC background suitable for all applications requiring chemically pure water for general laboratory use or to fill autoclaves.…
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Filter – Nitrate Selective Resin Cartridge

The NRC-10 is a brine regenerable drinking water cartridge constructed from FDA grade materials. It is selective for nitrate and can be used on clean bore water or prefiltered surface water. Nitrate reduction is 90 – 95% and breakthrough is not caused by sulphate levels which degrade the performance of some nitrate removal resins. .…
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Bench Top filter

This portable bench top filter system is ideal for any situation where a permanent unit is not required and it attaches easily to your kitchen tap to deliver great tasting water. Easily attached to your kitchen tap Operates with one 90° turn Water is forced through a high quality 0.5 micron filter. Removes/reduces Giardia and…
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Steaming Hot/Cold – Aquaboil

Features a sleek designer tap, combined with the Everpure H-54 Commercial Grade Water Filter for the home, this system gives you convenience, together with safe, clean, great-tasting drinking water. A great addition to your kitchen counter top! System Specification: Produces 60 cups per hour of near-boiling water Adjustable temperature dial Stainless SUS316L ring heater element…
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Contaminated Water Diverter

Overview The Contaminated Water Diverter (CWD) is a computerised pre‐tank filter – the only computerised first flush diverter on the market today that we are aware of. The Contaminated Water Diverter also comes in a manual (i.e. non-computerised) model system. Why Do I Need It? Over time a house’s guttering accumulates a lot of debris…
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Whole House UV Filter System

Under the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards 2005 any presence of coliforms is unacceptable for human consumption. PROBLEM: Roof water – Rainwater Faecal matter due to birds, possums, cats, mice etc. on exposed roofs and guttering is likely to contain pathogenic organisms. Dust, dirt and general organic matter such as leaves and moss can collect…
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GE Homespring Ultrafiltration System

How the Homespring™ Ultrafiltration System by GE purifies your water: 1. INLET Ultrafiltration membrane technology filters municipal, well, cistern, lake and river water. It is easy to install where the water supply enters the house, generally near a water heater, in new or existing homes. 2. PRE-FILTER An optional Activated Carbon Prefilter improves taste and…
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Renown Hand Primer Pump

Renown Hand Operated Priming Diaphragm Pump

The Renown Diaphragm Hand Pumps employ moulded diaphragms of synthetic rubber instead of plunger or buck leathers.  For certain applications they are ideal. All castings are of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy for lightness and the diaphragm and rubber valves are moulded in synthetic rubber,, unaffected by oils, kerosene, sunlight or weather.  The valves are closed…
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Renown Hand Transfer Pump

Renown Force Pump & Drum Pump

FORCE PUMP & DRUM PUMP – L760 For Pumping water, kerosene, fuel, oil or petrol.  Can also be used as a priming pump to carry away water discharged. The Renown Diaphragm Hand Pumps employ moulded diaphragms of synthetic rubber instead of plunger or buck leathers.  For certain applications they are ideal.   All castings are…
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Multi-Jet Water Meter

Features Pressure rated up to 10 bar Sizes available: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm & 50mm Internal strainer Internal check valve – optional

Krohne Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Features Operating pressure 16 bar – 40 bar Sizes from 50mm – 300mm Electromagnetic measurement system reduces the risk of blockages from debris