Agricultural Water Treatment



.Water Exclusion Sticker
If you have been issued with a Water Exclusion sticker you will now be encouraged to improve your water to the standards required by Fonterra.  We can help you with this.

We recommend two solutions, depending on your water quality and the amount of management you would prefer to handle during the year.

Homespring – will remove bacteria (ecoli.) with no maintenance during the year

Ultra Violet (UV) – will disinfect the bacteria so it can not replicate itself, which does require maintenance during the year, and how much depends on your water quality.

System Capabilities Homespring Ultra Violet
Physically Removes Bacteria Yes No
Physically Removes Viruses Yes No
Disinfects Bacteria No Yes
Physically Removes Parasites Yes No
Keeps working when power fails Yes No
Performance Relies on water clarity Yes Yes
Daily/Weekly maintenance No Yes
Automatic Backwash for filter Yes No
Annual Service Yes Yes
Suitable with Bore Water Yes Yes
Suitable with Stream Water Yes Yes
Suitable with Tank Water Yes Yes
Will it Neutralise water? No No
Will it Soften water? No No
Capital cost Higher Lower
Running cost Lower Higher


Where to from here?  Call McQuinn Pumps to arrange a water test, so that we can recommend the best solution for your water.

Below is some further information on both systems:


Homespring Brochure


Homespring Tesstimonial

Homespring Testimonial

Click to view Home Spring pdf file


The Goodwin UV Brochure

The Goodwin UV Brochure