Household Water Treatment 2 + Bathrooms

For Large to XL Large Homes with typical bathrooms two or more

There are many options available to treat rainwater for household use. Home owners are attracted to different features – so we have complied options for you to compare:

Comparison of Features and Benefits (Based on Brochures)
Centruion UV70 AUVH-52 Hybrid H9
2x Jumbo Pre-Filters incl. Filters
Flow Rate of System (Litres per Minute) 70 45-113 75-132
Maximum Pressure kPa 700 1030 875
Universal flow direction – Left to right or right to left
Intelligent pump shut-off if the lamp fails, where pump is ‘daisy chained’ to UV
Bore and surface water – subject to water quality
Safe Technology
No Chemicals Required
Easy Installation
Treats every tap in the line
Lamp Wattage 45 45 45
Weather Protection cover for outdoor installation
Stainless Steel bracket Powder Coated Aluminium
Chamber Material 304 S/S 316L S/S 304 S/S
Failure Alarm is Visable
Failure Alarm is Audible
Anti-Tamper Design
Warranty on Electronics 1 Year 3 Year 3 Year
Price including GST  $ 2,289   $ 1,795 $ 1,700

For further details please check the brochures linked to each UV System.